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What Reasons are there for Why the Nissan Navara is So Amazing?

/ / What Reasons are there for Why the Nissan Navara is So Amazing?

(Last Modified on: October 7, 2019)

Is it a new Ute that you require in your life? Perhaps the trusty family steed simply needs a bit of an upgrade. Or maybe you need to stay productive at your work, and getting a new Ute is what must happen in order to do so. Regardless of your reasons, your best bet is the Nissan Navara. Not only is it strong, it also packs a lot of power within itself as well. If you are going on vacation, it will perform every duty that is required!


In your possession will be a truck of maximum toughness. Not only that, your neighbours will be jealous of your new acquisition. The Nissan Navara is surely the Ute of your dreams.

Exactly How Much Power Are We Talking About Here?

You have the option of choosing one of three engines. Whether you like the sound of a 140-kilowatt twin turbo diesel, or you would prefer a 120-kilowatt turbocharged diesel, the choice is yours. Many people enjoy the 122-kilowat petrol engine.

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The amount of weight that they have the ability to haul around can go all the way up to 3.5 tonnes. You can’t ask for a better work-horse if you need something to tow around large loads. The block boasts a massive amount of torque. What better way to put the driver’s mind at ease when it comes to maintaining the desired speed on those difficult slopes.  And let’s not forget those rougher than usual terrains.

Let’s say that a camping area that you prefer can only be accessed by travelling over roads that are of a rockier than normal variety. No other Ute handles this scenario in better fashion than the Nissan Navara. In fact, seeing as the cabin is so comfortable in its design, you will forget that it is a Ute that you are driving.

Don’t be mistaken into thinking that the Nissan Navara is less than economic when it comes to its gas consumption. If it is a twin-turbo, it likes to drink fuel at a rate of merely seven litres per 100 km. Say goodbye to paying through the nose so that you can get from A to B. Spend the extra dollars that you save by eating at a fancy restaurant.

What Level of Luxury Can you Expect from the Cabin?

When Utes are normally designed, the last thing on the manufacturer’s mind is how comfortable it is in the Cabin. All that matter is how good they are at working. The Nissan Navara breaks all the rules in that area. It has suspension that has been specially created to absorb the worst that any road has to throw at it, including pot-holes and rocks.

If it is leg room that you need, the Navara has it. Do you need your air conditioning to be rear controlled? Would you like a power sun-roof? Say no more! The Navara has those and many more features as well.

The centre console boasts an amazing system consisting of a 7-inch colour touch screen. Whether you want to plug your phone into it using Bluetooth, or play music with another media playing device, this will do the trick. Forget about using wires for this purpose. If you need to use the phone to talk to someone, the system allows you to do so, hands-free.

The Ute you buy is going to need to be strong and resilient, because you will be putting it to work in some tough conditions. But you want it to supply you with comfort as well, while giving you maximum bang for your buck. The Nissan Navara is the answer you were looking for all along!

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