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Why is your vehicle’s engine oil disappearing?

/ / Why is your vehicle’s engine oil disappearing?

(Last Modified on: November 4, 2019)

engine oil disappearing

Keeping a vehicle properly maintained involves doing a variety of different things. One of the most common is the engine oil change. The engine oil can be compared to the automobile’s version of blood. And in that same fashion, there has to be a certain amount of engine oil at all times, and it has to be clean, to ensure optimal performance. This is why people take their car in for regular oil changes. There is another reason, however.

Having the oil changed regularly will also provide you with an opportunity to have the levels looked at. If the levels are always lower than they were the last time you looked, it is of the upmost importance to find out why. It is most certainly not something you want happening, as it can be a sign of serious problems.

Furthermore, if you don’t have the problem sorted out quick-smart, the result can be a blown engine and a phone call to your local auto wreckers!

Oil Is Disappearing?

It is normal for engine oil levels to reduce slightly between maintenance checks. But it isn’t normal for the discrepancy to be huge. It even has a name: excessive oil consumption. Your car is consuming oil at a rate that is so abnormal that there could be something seriously wrong.

Let’s look at the numbers. A brand new engine will use up a certain amount of oil every 8000Km. The amount will be roughly half a quart. Or it could be no oil at all if the engine is particularly awesome. Older automobiles use up a full quart of oil every 1500 Km on average. More than that could be a sign that your engine is experiencing issues.

Furthermore, here are some things to look out for:

  • Puddles of oil under your car after it has been parked
  • Brown and foamy coolant
  • Smoke is coming from the exhaust that has a blueish hue to it
  • Absolutely no smoke at all coming from the exhaust

What Causes this Phenomenon to Occur?

Though, the short answer to this question is that you have not been taking good care of your engine, or it has simply gotten very old. And now it is in bad condition. Here are some specific reasons:

  • The engine is old
  • The pressure of the oil has gotten too high
  • The timing gears are too worn
  • The engine vacuum is very high
  • Oil is leaking and getting into the cooling system
  • The valve stem seals are not sealing properly
  • The oil rings have lost mobility
  • You have been using low quality oils, or mixing them up
  • The piston and rings have taken on a lot of wear and tear

What Happens If You Don’t Fix It?

However, if your car is regularly too low on oil, you are heading towards having a serious break-down. If oil is going where it shouldn’t in your engine, it won’t be doing its job properly.

Also, the end result could be a scrap car that needs to be sold in the wrecking yards. You need to get it fixed immediately!

Posted By: Glen Hunter | Posted On: November 4, 2019 | Category: Car Problems
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