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Who is the best used truck buyer in Auckland

/ / Who is the best used truck buyer in Auckland

(Last Modified on: November 20, 2020)


If you are searching for a company to buy your old truck as quickly as possible, you need to drop us a line here at Taha Car Collection. The reason why is simple: We are Auckland’s #1 Wreckers of Trucks. We pay top cash for any truck that is offered to us, and will even go out of our way to provide free pickup to top it all off!

10 Reasons for Selling Your Car to Taha Car Collection

Sell Your Truck in Any Condition

You may have a brand new truck that needs selling fast, or perhaps you are looking to sell a truck that is in the worst condition imaginable. Or maybe your truck has gotten very old, requiring the services of an old truck buyer. It won’t matter as we will buy any truck in any condition.

As a bona-fide New Zealand company that operates in Auckland, we have built a reputation as the number one recyclers of old trucks in the area. We love to pay the most money possible for old trucks that are no longer needed by their respective owners. If you would like to get a free quote on your old truck, why not give us a call? The number is 0800 114 508. We also have a simple and easy form that you can fill out on our website’s main page.

The Top Cash Deals for Old Trucks

  • Do you require the services of a truck wrecking company?
  • Are you in need of an ultra-fast cash injection?
  • Are you keen on swapping your truck for a generous amount of dollars?
  • Do you want to sell your old truck?

You will no doubt be wanting to sell your truck to the number one truck wrecking service in Auckland. Fortunately, you have found them! We are Taha Car Collection, and we pay the best cash for trucks in town.

If you need to sell your truck within the space of one day, there is no better way to do so. Not only can you get up to $15000 cash for truck, depending on the make, model, condition and age of the truck. We will also come over with the best truck removal equipment. And you won’t be charged for the removal process, as it is one-hundred percent free. So, instead of putting all your energy into finding the best possible truck wrecking company, why not give Taha Car Collection a go?

Instant & Free Quotes are Available

Do you need to learn how much your truck is worth before you go about selling it? This is a very reasonable thing to want, and here at Taha Car Collection we understand this. All truck owners wanting to sell their truck are going to want top cash for trucks. That is why we have set up a way for anyone to get a free price quote from us. All you need to do is contact us.

There are two avenues that anyone wanting to sell their broken truck for cash can go down in order to do this. One of them is to call us. Or alternatively you can hop onto our website’s main page and locate the quote request form. It is quick and easy to fill out.

We just need to know the make, model, age and condition that your truck is in. This information allows us to provide you with the most accurate quote possible, which we will provide you with as quickly as we can. After that, we can arrange a time for us to come over, pay you on the spot and perform our famous dead truck removals.

The Top Cash Deals for Broken Down Trucks

We don’t have a preference for trucks of any specific variety. Whatever condition your truck is in, we are going to be very keen on buying it off you. It may have simply gotten so old that nearly all the moving parts have taken on enough wear and tear in order to break down.

Your truck could have been in a huge flood and taken on severe water damage. Or perhaps the transmission has simply given up the ghost. And the cost of repairing it will far outweigh how much the truck is worth.

Here at Taha Car Collection, there is no condition your truck could be in that would result in us rejecting it. It could be brand new, or a totalled wreck. We will still provide you with free scrap truck pickups are paying you top cash!

All Truck Makes or Models are welcomed

Are you concerned that we only buy certain trucks based on what their make and model is? That is certainly what other companies do. So it makes sense that you would think that we do that as well.  But the happy truth is that there is no such thing as a truck that we were offered and turned down. It matters not what the make and model of your truck happens to be. As we will still be more than happy to buy it off you.

Used Truck Brands that We Wreck Most Often

Here are just a few of the many truck makes that we are more than happy to buy: Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Isuzu, Fuso, Volvo, Mack, Man, Toyota, Hino, BMW, Ford, Triton, Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara, Holden Colorado, and many more. When you contact us and tell us the make and model of your truck. This information will factor in to how much it will be valued at, but that is all. It won’t disqualify it from being bought by us.

Auckland Truck Recycling Company

When we get the truck back to our salvage yard, we will perform our truck wrecking services. Every piece of the truck will be recycled, which is good news for the environment. The recycling of steel and other metals reduces the need for metals to be mined, which in turn reduces the pollution that results from mining operations. We also make sure that all the toxic substances that are harmful to the environment are safely stored after being drained from the truck.

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