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What Causes a Car Engine Stalling? Preventions and Solutions

/ / What Causes a Car Engine Stalling? Preventions and Solutions

(Last Modified on: July 2, 2019)

I hope that you liked our preceding posts about selling a car with the blown engine and engine rattling. In this post, we will explore about causes of engine stalling and respective solutions.

If you have ever been casually driving along, stopped at the lights, and had the engine suddenly stop, you know that you have experienced engine stall. The levels of frustration that one can take on when this occurrence takes place can be traumatising. But have you ever wondered exactly what causes this? Of course you have. You may have even taken your car in to get looked at when it happens too much. But not everyone is as awesome as you, so in this blog post we will be looking at what causes stalling.

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What does it Mean When an Engine Stall?

There isn’t only one cause of engine stalling. Wouldn’t it be great if there was? But the truth is that a stalled engine needs to be looked at in order to fix the problem. But besides what causes the engine to stall, what exactly are we talking about in general when we talk of stalled engines? To over-simplify it, we are merely talking about an engine that has shut down. Sometimes an engine will make out as if a stalling is eminent. And then it will continue to run as per normal. This is known as the engine stumble. Blame that on a simple engine misfire.

The Causes of Engine Stalling

There is a trinity of agents that all need to meet at the same time in order for your average fossil fuel engine to run properly. They are: air, spark (ignition) and fuel. Take one of these items out of the equation and you are left with an engine that won’t run. If one isn’t there when the engine happens to be running, the engine will stop running. That, ladies and gentlemen, is stalling.

  1. Minus the Fuel: When the fuel is not in the equation there will be no car driving. The only exception is when the car in question is of the electric variety. Fuel does indeed run out and needs replenishing, but that isn’t what is happening when stalling occurs. It is usually the fault of a clogged up filter, or filthy fuel injectors. Another possible cause is the incorrect kind of fuel being used.
  2. Minus the Air: Air gets sucked into the engine to provide oxygen for the ignition to be able to occur. The air cannot have any impurities in it, so there is a filter to catch any undesirable debris such as dirt and so forth. That filter needs to be cleaned or replaced or there will be a build-up. Eventually it will be a clog, which no air can get through.
  3. Minus the Ignition: When the air and its oxygen are paired with the fuel within the confines of the combustion chamber, they are compressed. A spark is added which ignites the mixture. That ignition is needed to push the pistons. It has to be a precise sequence of events. If the spark is too late or too early, there will be no ignition and the engine will stall.

When All Three are Present, What then?

Perhaps the engine stalled, and this happened even while all three things were there. It may have been simply because something was slightly out of time. This is because the sequence still has to be on time to the finest of time increments. Or, one of the following problems occurred:

  • Underneath your car’s hood there is a wiring problem
  • There is an overheating problem occurring with the fuel pump
  • Your car has become the victim of faulty ignition coil
  • One of your car’s spark plugs is now fouled
  • The component on your car called the mass air flow sensor is not sensing mass air flow
  • Your car’s fuel has got some water in it
  • The fuel injectors in your car’s engine are not clean, instead they are dirty and a little clogged

All of those serious issues will result in a vehicle stalling. Now let’s look at how one finds out whether any one of those causes is related to their own stalling issue!

The Engine Stalls While Engine Is Running

So, you were driving, and that is when the engine stalled? It could have been due to the ignition, it may have been an electrical issue, or perhaps it had to do with the fuel. Sometimes when the fuel pump gets heaped with far more resistance than it can take, it will stop. Then it will start again after a swift cooling down period.

The ignition coil requires a signal of the electrical variety in order to function. If that signal doesn’t present itself at the right moment, the spark plugs will fail to fire properly. When the mass air flow sensor has taken on some kind of damage and has become faulty, it won’t detect air to the best of its ability. There will be an incorrect air to fuel ratio as a result, which the engine will not agree with, shutting down in response.

The Engine Stalls While Engine is Idling

Perhaps your engine stalled while you were waiting at red light. How embarrassing. Maybe the sensors that are saddled with the responsibility of knowing what positions the camshaft or crankshaft are in aren’t functioning as they should. This will mean that fuel isn’t going into the cylinder. No fuel in the cylinder means no spark plug fire.

If the sensors that are supposed to be sensing the air to fuel ratio are off, the car will stall while idling as well. The same goes for inadequate air pressure coming from the fuel pump. If the fuel filter is blocked, you can expect a higher likelihood of stalling to be the case as well.

Motor Stalling All the Time? Is it worth fixing it?

Find out what the problem is by taking your car to the mechanic. Get a quote on how much it will cost to fix the engine stalling problem. It can cost anywhere from $200 to $2500 to get the problem properly sorted out so you can drive again. But don’t put it off, as it will cost a lot more due to the domino effect.

How About If My Car Worth is less than the repair cost?

If you find yourself in this situation then it is good time to step on and sell your car for quick cash today. Taha Car Collection in Auckland can help you get the best price for your faulty car and pay you instant cash for car on the spot.

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