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(Last Modified on: July 29, 2021)

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Most people know that there is a place where cars go when they can no longer be driven. It is the car wrecking yard, or salvage yard. It is there that the vehicle in question is taken to pieces. The parts are taken and added to a used part stock. They are then sold to people who need used parts to fix their car with.

People don’t know everything there is to know about salvage yards, though. Will they also buy vehicles that are not of the car variety? Do they only buy certain makes? At the end of the day, without auto dismantling companies an important recycling job would not be getting done, and the planet would be the loser in this equation.

Strict Recycling Guidelines for the Environment

All vehicle dismantling establishments are required to follow strict rules when recycling automobiles. For one, there are still fluids in your average scrap vehicle. These fluids have to be drained thoroughly before any further dismantling is done. If this procedure isn’t completed, those substances will get everywhere, and make their way into the environment. They are extremely harmful, so it is a relief that there are such strict standards.

The Reasons for Selling a Vehicle to Dismantling Company

The most obvious reason is the fact that you are getting paid to have your scrap car disposed of. But how do you know that a vehicle is indeed a scrap vehicle? When it breaks down, find out how much it is to fix it. Then you have to find out how much the vehicle in question was worth before it broke down. Is that latter amount less than the former? Then your car can now be called a scrap car, and it needs to be sold to your local auto wrecking company post haste!

The Car Salvage Process

As has been stated, the first step in the process of salvaging a vehicle is to sell it to the auto wrecking company. They will take it off your hands for a nice price. They should also remove it for free from your property. Not all of them provide free removal, however.

After the vehicle gets to the salvage yard, it will have the fluids drained. Then it will be dismantled. The parts that are in good condition are refurbished and reconditioned if needed, and tested for quality. If they pass muster, they will be sold to people who need replacement used parts.

Any parts that can’t be sold second hand will have to be recycled as materials rather than whole components. This is when you can be sure that the materials will be sold to a metal scrap yard or other material scrap yard. They are crushed and shredded with magnets being used to separate the metals from plastics and rubber. All the metals are sorted into their specific metal types.

In Conclusion

We would have scrap cars lying about all over the streets if it weren’t for auto dismantling companies. At Taha Car Collection, we dismantle vehicles and extract parts for reuse. We have been distributing spare parts for following brands, find and inquire your part now –




Mercedes Benz



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