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The Difference between Used and Rebuilt Engines

/ / The Difference between Used and Rebuilt Engines

(Last Modified on: September 6, 2019)

second hand engines

More than one of the components you find on the average vehicle are indispensable to its functionality. However, if there was an award for the most important component, it would be the engine, hands down. The car isn’t going anywhere without that engine. Engines are life of the vehicle, this is why no-one can blame someone for being so upset when their car’s engine breaks down. It is so bad that a car can be rendered permanently useless as a result.

This is when the auto dismantling company comes to the rescue. Vehicle dismantling companies are the ones who will buy that vehicle for the purposes of recycling. They perform a variety of tasks as part of their recycling mission. They work as mechanics on cars, dismantle cars, remove junk vehicles and sell used parts. Auto dismantlers don’t have any requirements for what condition the cars that they buy have to be in.

Sometimes when people have their car’s engine break down they prefer to have it fixed. It could be the fact that the car is a custom car, or the vehicle could just be a beloved automobile. One thing that they do is have the engine replaced. They don’t replace the engine with one that is brand new, however, as the expense will be so high that it will not be financially pragmatic. We are instead talking about remanufactured, or rebuilt, engines, or second hand engines. Are they different from each other? Let’s find out!

Second Hand Engines

Used engines are engines that are being entirely recycled. There are people who think that getting a second hand engine is the best option. The main reason for this can be boiled down to the fact that used engines normally cost less. First of all, let’s compare them to the cost of brand new engines. Brand new engines cost up to 60% more.

These engines are usually taken from cars that are otherwise totalled, wrecked or otherwise permanently broken down. A good auto dismantling company will make sure that the engine is in good condition, and test them rigorously in order to ensure this. The benefits of choosing to replace your engine with a used one are numerous.

  • The options you have are plentiful. You won’t have too much trouble getting the engine that is right for you.
  • If there are certain attributes you want the engine to have, you can choose the engine that has them.
  • Getting a used engine is basically a form of recycling all the materials that the engine is made out of. This is great for the environment.

Engines that Are Manufactured

Some engines are not in good enough condition to be re-used when they are removed from a car. But they can be remanufactured or refurbished. They tend to be repaired so that they can be used again, which involves labour. This labour makes them more expensive than used engines. Here are the benefits:

  • The quality is high as they have been totally repaired
  • They can have brand new parts on them. This includes pistons, bearings and seals
  • They will last longer.

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