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/ Unwanted Car Disposal Service in Auckland

Unwanted Car Disposal Service in Auckland

(Last Modified on: September 22, 2020)

First of all, what do you know about car disposal? How do you know whether your car needs to be disposed?

  • Is your car not running and parked for years?
  • Probably, your vehicle is too old, leaking and breaking down quite often?
  • Scrap vehicle parked in front of your property which is becoming an eyesore?
  • The vehicle is dead and want to get rid it off?

Furthermore, if any of the above point applies to your situation, that means your vehicle must be disposed under the government regulations. The good news is that Taha Car Collection in Auckland can help you with that and pick up your disposal vehicle for free of cost. Call us toll free 0800 114 508 or fill one of form on our website.

The Process of Car Disposal

vehicle recycling

Auto Dismantling – Car breakers at Taha Car Collection wreck the vehicles all across Auckland and bring to our salvage yards. Where, we break the vehicles into pieces and pull all the spare parts that can be used again.

Car Disposal – Once all the useful parts pulled off, we drain the harmful liquids and dangerous gases. Our vehicle disposal experts make sure that we initiate this process in an eco-friendly way.

Metal Recycling – This is the final stage of recycling, also known as car recycling process. We recycle metal and send it to the different industries so that they can generate different kind of products.

The Commitment

Furthermore, Taha car collection is totally committed and aim to do the A-Z recycling for all the unwanted automobiles. We encourage all the Aucklander’s to sell their unwanted car for cash to us and we will take care of them from there.

The Reward

This whole process is rewarding to our customers because we pay top cash for cars in Auckland and always happy to beat the genuine price match offers by 15%.

Finally, Call us toll free 0800 114 508 or fill one of form on our website.

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