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Toyota Camry Wreckers, Dismantlers & Parts in Auckland

(Last Modified on: May 29, 2019)


Whenever you see that old Toyota Camry sitting on your property, you will wonder to yourself “how can I sell my Toyota Camry?” The fact that it is essentially scrap may just lead you to the belief that this will be a hard mission to take on. While this is understandable to think, you will be relieved to learn that it is actually very easy. We are Taha Car Collection. All you have to do is call our Toyota Camry Wreckers in Auckland up at 0800 114 508, or fill out our form online. We will buy your Toyota Camry at a moment’s notice!

Trade Your Unwanted Camry with Cash Value

Top Cash for All Toyota Camry Models – We believe that we pay more money for scrap Toyota Camry’s than anyone else is willing to pay. Are you looking to get the number one best deal? Do you believe that you deserve to get the most that your Toyota Camry can get relative to its condition and model? We share the same belief as you. That is why we have a maximum amount of $12’000. That we pay for Toyota Camry’s that are in good enough condition.

Pay nothing for the Removal Costs of Your Toyota Camry

Free Toyota Camry Removal Auckland Wide – A lot of folk settle for second best. Some will even be okay with third best. Perhaps that is why some cash for car services in the auto wrecking industry seem to get away with charging their customers for the removal of scrap cars from their properties. Here at the Taha Car Collection we insist on footing the bill for removal ourselves, taking the cost onto our own shoulders. This just makes absolutely sure that anyone selling us their car doesn’t get short changed in any way.

The Best Scrap Car Place to Sell Your Toyota Camry for $$$ CASH

We love to get as many different kinds of Toyota Camry through our Auckland wrecking yards. Variety is the spice of life. And we would just get bored dealing with the same automobiles all the time. That is just one of the reasons why we are such a popular auto wrecking company here in Auckland. Taha Car Collections will buy your vehicle regardless of what its make or model is. And this attitude extends to the great Toyota Camry. Whether you are selling an XV50, XV40, XV30, XV20, XV10. Or any other Toyota Camry, you can rely on us to accept it!

Sell Your Camry in Any Condition

Here at Taha Car Collection, we are proud to be in the business of making it dead easy for anyone to successfully sell a scrap vehicle of any kind. The term scrap vehicle is very broad and covers automobiles that are in a wide variety of conditions. A truck can be scrapped if it has just had a blown engine. It would cost more to replace or fix than the truck is worth. The same goes for a truck that has been completely totalled in a road accident, and no longer resembles an automobile.

Cheap Toyota Camry Parts in Auckland

Finding the perfect used part for a car can be a pain. But not if you shop with us at Taha Car Collection! We have all the Toyota parts and accessories in Auckland that a Toyota Camry could need. They are all tested for quality so you know you are buying the best. Super affordable as well. Drop us a line and ensure that you will be buying only the best in second hand Toyota Camry parts or accessories.


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