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(Last Modified on: May 1, 2019)

Welcome to Taha Car Collection’s FAQ (frequently asked questions) section. We have designed this section exclusively for those people who need help to understand the services we offer. We get so many calls every day asking these useful questions so we have decided to draft it up all together at one place, so all of our customers can go through and understand what we actually offer.

frequently asked questions


What services do Taha Car Collection render to their customers?

Here at Taha Car Collection, we are in the business of buying scrap cars. If you have a scrap vehicle we will buy it off you. We pay an instant cash for cars in any condition. Then we will remove it from your property. All paperwork with NZTA, is also taken care of by us.

How much it cost to get the scrap car removal service in Auckland?

We understand why people ask us this question. A lot of other scrap car collection companies charge their customers for their pickup service. However, here at Taha Car Collection, we know that this only results in the customer ending up with less money at the end of the day. So instead, we take on the cost of scrap car removal in Auckland ourselves. This means that it is completely cost free.

How much to scrap a car in Auckland?

It depends on how big the vehicle is and what condition it happens to be in. Larger automobiles such as commercial trucks can be worth up to $15,000. Cars, 4wd, Vans & light commercials can be worth up to $12’000.

What considerations do you use to provide unwanted vehicle quotes?

Most of people want to know how scrap car selling works. We need certain particular details in order to arrive at an offer that is most likely going to represent your car’s worth, before any physical inspection is conducted. One such detail is the age of said car, and another is what condition it is in. We will also require the make and model.

Will you buy any make or model of vehicle?

When you look at all the other companies that buy scrap cars for the purposes of recycling them, there is something tying them all together. They tend to only buy one or a few different makes. Perhaps they only buy Toyota. Maybe it is Nissan that they specialise in. However, here at Taha Car Collection, we do things differently. We have open arms to all the different brands including Japanese, American, European, Korean and even Australian. We will buy your car no matter what make it is.

How long does it take to sell you a car?

We are dedicated to making sure that we can provide the fastest way for anyone in Auckland to be able to sell their vehicle. We aim to make the whole process take place within 24 hours with ample time left over.

How long does one have to wait for payment for the vehicle in question?

If there is one thing no-one likes to do, it is wait for things. Especially if that thing is money. Fortunately for our customers, they don’t have to wait at all, as we pay cash for a car on the spot when we turn up to buy their vehicle.

Do you only buy cars?

No, we do not limit our buying habits to only purchasing cars. In fact, we are happy to spend our hard earned cash on any kind of automobile that has four wheels. We will buy your truck, van, SUV, 4wd or Ute. Feel free to make commercial light commercial vehicle inquiries as well.

Does a vehicle need a warrant of fitness?

A warrant of fitness is for vehicles that are road-worthy according to the law. We buy scrap cars, and there is no way a scrap car should have a warrant of fitness. So, it really would make no sense for us to only buy cars with a warrant of fitness, while buying scrap cars. So, the answer to that FAQ is no.

What do you do with scrap cars after buying them?

When we buy a vehicle, we do so with the intention of first deciding whether or not to fix it. If we can fix it, and sell it for a profit, we will. But only if we can do so without spending more money than the car is worth once repaired. If this isn’t possible, we will instead take it to pieces and sell all the parts individually. But only the parts that are in excellent condition. Car body parts that aren’t will be sold to scrap metal companies or otherwise recycled for their materials.

What time suites you best for me to take advantage of your services?

We are open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 7 pm, and Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm.

How does one go about getting in touch with Taha Car Collection?

I’m glad you asked. It is very easy for anyone at all whatsoever to get in touch with Taha Car Collection. To begin with, there is the telephone option that is very popular at the moment. You can take advantage of this option by using your telephone device to dial 0800 114 508 and talk to one of our incredibly friendly customer service representatives. Or, you can choose our other popular method for getting in touch with us. On the main page of our website there is a quote request form that you can take advantage of. It is very easy to fill out, so go ahead, don’t be shy and contact us!

What is the physical address where you are located?

5 Newark Pl, Otara, Auckland 2013.

What amount of money do we charge for the car valuation process?

Fortunately, here at Taha Car Collection, we want our customers to get as much money as they can get. In order for this to be the case, we don’t charge for anything. This includes the quotes that we provide our customers with. On top of that, you can be sure that you don’t have to accept our quote offer either. There is no obligation for you to sell us your car after taking advantage of our free quote service.

Do you sell second hand parts?

When we buy scrap cars, we salvage them for parts. We choose only the best parts as far as their condition, and we recondition them before testing them. They are then put on sale at the most affordable prices in town. If you need to buy a replacement part you can find it as easily as is humanly possible. All you need to do is get in touch with us. And you can get a used part.

Contact Taha Car Collection – Your local scrap car buyer in Auckland and get the free quote for your unwanted vehicle today!

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