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The Obscured Costs of Selling a Car on the Private Market

/ / The Obscured Costs of Selling a Car on the Private Market

(Last Modified on: September 10, 2019)

It is not a good idea to wait for the best offer when you are selling an automobile in the private market. Owners of automobiles focus on the amount that you forked out in order to purchase a vehicle, and what amount you think it will get sold for.

However, many folk forgets or simply ignore the most important concern related to vehicle selling. The issue we are talking about here is time. The more time that passes between putting the car up for sale and actually selling it, the higher the amount of dollars you personally need to pay. What are the hidden costs? Let’s find out!

Selling car on private market

The Hidden Cost Associated with Time

Waiting for someone to buy your car can take up your time. This can be seen at the time you take out to wait for people to come over to look at the car. The time it takes to talk to prospective buyers. The time it takes to go on test drives with them. People can throw whole weekends away focused on selling their vehicle when they could be spending that time on things that are more productive.

Monthly Expenses

The fact that your car is on the market doesn’t mean that you don’t need to spend money on it anymore. There will still be payments going to the insurance company on a monthly basis. There will be fees associated with the storage of the number plate. On top of that, every time someone comes over to look at the vehicle in question, you will need to get the car washed for presentation purposes. This will cost you money to buy the products to do this or it will cost you if you get it done at a car wash station.

Maintenance Expenses

Your vehicle still needs to be maintained. This will not stop being true just because you have stopped driving it. Vehicles have service schedules, especially if they are of the modern automobile variety. Has your automobile been sitting around for a long time? It may have missed a service interval.

Vehicle Depreciation Still Occurs

People often forget that the used car market can have fluctuations that occur almost overnight. This can have the result of your automobile suddenly being worth thousands less than it was. One way in which this occurs is when a car manufacturing company puts out a new model. It will hold an event associated with sales, or a huge amount of vehicles that are of the ex-fleet variety will swarm the market. These are occurrences that can result in your car being worth less money.


If your car runs out of its registration, you have to buy another one. It can cost you a fortune to do this annually. Updating the registration only to sell your car straight away will be money wasted. Having a small amount of time left on the registration will make people less likely to buy the car. It is a balancing act. Browse registration fees chart here.

Say hello to Taha Car Collection and sell your car in no time and for the great price.

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