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Selling a Car Prior to Shifting Overseas

/ / Selling a Car Prior to Shifting Overseas

(Last Modified on: November 17, 2020)

So, in a very short amount of time, you are going to be moving overseas. One thing that you need to do is sell your car first. However, you will need to know all the different things you need to do in order to complete this task. If you don’t do this, you will have a car that you can’t drive. It will get older and depreciate in value before slowly transforming into a scrap car.

There are different techniques of selling a car, however, following are some of the methods you can employ in order to make selling your car fast before moving overseas as easy as possible.


Selling Car in an Auction

One way to sell a car fast is to sell it at auction. If you are going to live abroad and the departure is happening in a couple of days, it may not be fast enough. On top of that, getting the full amount that your car can be valued at will not be a sure thing. It is still a very hassle free and easy way to sell a vehicle. Clean it up and get any minor scratches, dents and mechanical issues sorted first.

Selling to Used Car Buyers

If you want to get it all over and done with on the same day and you don’t mind getting less than the car is worth, sell to a used car buyer. The same practices that you need to employ with selling in an auction apply here. You will need to make the car as nice as possible by cleaning it and getting minor repair jobs done. The dealership wants to make money out of the car, so they won’t pay you the full value of the car. But it is fast, so it is a toss-up between those pros and cons.

Sell Your Car in Person

Definitely don’t employ this method if you only have a few days left. It is famous for taking an unpredictable amount of time. Sure, you could get lucky and sell it in a day. But it will likely take weeks to months. It is an option best suited to those who are awesome enough to plan well ahead before they undertake the task of selling their automobile. Of course, you will need to clean the car in question and get repairs done. If the car is in scrap condition, it will take longer, so the next option is for you if your car is a clunker.

Sell a Car to Wrecker

These companies are sometimes called cash for car companies. They are also sometimes called junkyards, salvage yards, and vehicle removal services. They will buy your car in one day, but if the car is in good condition, you would be sacrificing much of your car’s value. The good thing is that they will buy it if it is a scrap vehicle. Choose the company that offers free removal. There are usually multiple companies in each town so this won’t be hard. Good luck!

Hang on, don’t forget to cancel your vehicle registration before moving out. Do it yourself unless you have an arrangements to get it done by a company who is buying your vehicle.

If you live anywhere between Auckland to up Northland, never hesitate to get a free quote from Taha Car Collection. You won’t be regretted by getting nothing but the best price for your vehicle.

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