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Every car arrives at a stage in its life where it is no longer of any use. It could be because it has been totalled, or it may be due to extreme old age. Some automobiles will enter this phase in their career because a part that is extremely expensive to fix has broken. When this happens to a vehicle that has already depreciated in value a whole lot due to age, the cost of repair often exceeds its worth.

When this happens, we call the vehicle in question a “scrap vehicle”. The car has essentially died. What does one do in this situation? You have two paths you can go down. But in the long run, you can always change the path you’re on. Either part the car out and sells the parts individually, or sell the whole thing to your local salvage yard. Find out how auto wrecking scrap yards operate in Auckland.

Which one of these options you choose depends on a few things. The main reason anyone will choose the former is because it will make them more money. However, if they mess up and do it wrong, they can end up making less. It certainly requires some careful consideration if you are torn between the two methods. Let’s take a look at some of those considerations, shall we?

Thing to Consider 1: Safety

When working with any machinery, there will be safety hazards. You will need to take the necessary precautionary methods in order to minimise all the risks. At the very least, you may cut yourself accidentally, but if you can avoid even the most minor of incidents, you will be doing well.

Part of keeping safe is having a good working knowledge of all the parts, how to remove them, what order to remove them in, what tools to use, and so forth. The first thing that needs to be done is the fluid removal. Neglecting that important step can lead to a spectacular mess. Engine oil, brake fluid, coolant, all over your garage floor. You will be forced to hose it down, meaning that all of those toxic substances will be going into our waterways and polluting the environment.

Thing to Consider 2: Expertise

It may be true that replacing a blown tyre is something anyone can learn how to do with relative ease. However, parting an entire vehicle out is a lot more complicated and technical than simple removing a tyre and putting a new one on. You must have the DIY equipment for car dismantling to start with the process.

If you lack expertise in auto mechanics, but you decide to get stuck in there anyway, you could botch it up in a few different ways. Some of them are described above under safety. However, the parts themselves can be damaged by a non-expert attempting to remove them. Said parts will be worthless as a result.

If you start taking your vehicle apart and realise half way that you have no idea what you are doing, chances are, you won’t be able to put it back together again. Now you have a car that will be worth even less than it was before you started. If you don’t have the knowledge or expertise to do this, it is best not to. Unless you know someone who does have expertise who can help and guide you.

Thing to Consider 3: Time

If there is one thing you can be absolutely sure of is this: taking a vehicle to pieces is not going to be a short job. You will be spending at least one whole weekend or two pulling that thing to pieces. The amount of time will depend on how well you know how to do it. But even if you know exactly what you are doing, you can expect the whole process to take an entire day at the very least, with an hour lunch break.

In the case of people who are total beginners, expect a much slower ordeal. You may be taking regular research breaks to quickly look up on the internet whether you are doing something properly. This isn’t going to be a walk in the park by any stretch of the imagination. Performing seemingly easy tasks may turn out to be complicated nightmares.

Things to Consider 4: There will be a Mess

We have all seen the state of a garage that belongs to a person who is always working on cars. They are very messy. There is grease and grime for miles. If this is not at all a big deal to you, and you are fine with your garage looking like that, by all means go ahead. Perhaps your garage is already a huge mess. If this is the case, don’t worry about this section of the blog.

However, you may care, and for those of you who do, just be aware that you will need to put even more extra effort into tidiness. Otherwise your garage and surrounding area will start to look like those garages you have seen in the past.

Things to Consider 5: You will Need Plenty of Space

When taking a car to pieces, where are you going to put all the parts? Where are you storing all the tools that you are using? There are some big tools as well, such as the hoist that will assist you in removing the engine. You may think that you can get around this by simply having the car outside and working on it there. But then, what if it rains?

Places where people take cars apart for a living are huge for a reason. They have a massive amount of tools, and a huge warehouse to store parts. You will not need a place that big, but it still helps to have plenty of space, even if your operation is going to be on a much smaller scale.

Things to Consider 6: Finding Buyers

So, you have totally nailed the task of parting the vehicle in question out. You had everything that was needed in order to do too. Expertise, plenty of time and space, and you kept the work area clean as well. Now you need to sell the parts. You certainly can’t use second hand parts as currency, so this really is the most important task that needs completing. Fortunately, you have the internet, so you can sell those parts to a market the size of your country or bigger.

You will experience varying levels of ease when it comes to selling certain parts. Transmissions are relatively easy to find buyers for, as are seats, engines and airbags. Other components may end up sitting on the shelf for a while longer, depending on your luck. You had better not have a need for that space in the near future. It could be months before every gets sold.

When you do find buyers, you will need to bring your haggling skills to the table when talking with them. One thing you don’t want is for anyone to drive the price of those parts down.

How Too Much to Price Parts at

You won’t want to get this task wrong. Make the price too high and no-one will want to buy the parts. Make them too cheap and you will be losing money. Making the price just right is a tight rope act, but not the most difficult one ever invented. Especially now that we have the internet as a resource to refer to when it seems that all is lost.

Just look for parts for sale and find how much your specific parts tend to get when they are the same age and condition as yours. The following are some of the easiest parts to sell:

Parts to Sell 1: Tyres

The price that tyres go for depends on what kind of tyres we are talking about. If we are speaking of off road tyres, special winter tyres, or other specialty tyres, they will be worth more. Another important thing to think of is what condition the tyres are in. This will also impact their worth. If a tyre is worn down, or if a tyre is simply old, it will not be worth as much. A single tyre can be sold for in between $25 and $75.

Parts to Sell 2: Seats

If your car was a luxury vehicle before it was a clunker, the seats may be worth a nice amount. This will be only if they have such improvements as power adjustability. Generally, however, they tend to demand up to $80.

Parts to Sell 3: Scrap Metals

If we are assuming that the reason you did this is because the car in question was a scrap car, there will be a component or a few that caused your vehicle’s uselessness. These parts will not be sell-able. They will instead need to be sold as scrap metal to a scrap metal yard. You may need to load these parts into a trailer to get them to the scrap metal yard. In fact, this is highly likely.

Parts to Sell 4: Floor Mats

If the mats in your car have been thoroughly ruined by wear and tear over the years, they may be better to be thrown out. If they are in good condition, however, they will be worth something, so you may as well sell them! Especially if they are somehow special mats, with your car’s make and model embossed in them. The whole set good get anywhere from $20 to $60.

Parts to Sell 5: Air Bags

Modern cars are well populated by airbags. They are all over the interior, not just the steering wheel. The dashboard can have them, as well as above the doors.

Airbags are a major safety feature, so make sure they haven’t been subject to a recall at any time. They can be valued at up to $150.

Parts to Sell 6: Batteries

How much is your battery worth? How much was it worth when it was new? Learn that number and subtract 50 to 70 percent. If it is older it will be worth less. It often depends on the make and model of the battery as well. See whether anyone else is selling the same battery and how much they are selling it for.

Parts to Sell 7: Transmission

These are very valuable indeed. They can fetch up to $200. As per usual, the make and model of transmission is an important indicator of value, as is age and condition. If the transmission is broken and that is the reason why your car became a scrap vehicle, it will only be worth anything as scrap metal, so there is that!

Parts to Sell 8: Engine

If you want to know what part of your car is the most valuable, congratulations! You now know that it is the engine. If it is a high performance engine, it will be worth more than if it is not. The mileage on the engine will also play a huge role. How rare is it? How popular is it? It could be worth thousands of dollars, or it could be worth $500 which is still respectable.

Parts to Sell 9: Brake Rotors

Brake rotors can get quite worn. They are also subject to corrosion. These are concerns that will lower the price. There is a range of this part as well, with some being more high end than others. High end brake rotors can be make of carbon ceramic, a very fancy material making them very valuable. It can make the difference between a value of $60 and several hundred dollars.


If you sell your car via its parts, you stand to get some good money. But the whole process is so complicated and requires so much hard work. If you want it to be all over fast and easily, your best bet is to sell the whole car to scrap car buyers. You can get up to $7’000 if your car is in good enough condition. This method only takes less than a day, and the auto wreckers will even remove your car for free. The decision is easy if you want to save on time and effort. Feel free to go through our ultimate guide to scrapping cars for cash in NZ and make your decision right.

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