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How to Sell a Car with Blown Engine in Auckland

/ / How to Sell a Car with Blown Engine in Auckland

(Last Modified on: June 5, 2019)

Blown Car Motor

There are many unfortunate twists of misfortune that will render an automobile completely useless. Serious road accidents will do it, as will extreme age. However, in this post, we will be focusing exclusively on the blown engine. It is like a heart attack, only instead of a person having it, it is a car. And instead of the failing part being a heart, it is an engine.

What to do with a car that has a blown engine?

When an engine breaks down, there are solutions to consider. You can get it repaired or replaced if you have the money. What if the cost of doing so is higher than the amount of money your car was worth before the breakdown, though? Your best option in this case is to sell your car to the wrecker. Do you know How Auto Wrecking Scrap Yards Operate in Auckland?

Of course, it will seem that selling a car that has effectively died is going to be a tall order. But not if you live in Auckland, because then you have the option of selling to us here at Taha Car Collection, the number one buyers of scrap cars in the land!

Taha Car Collection is the Best for these Reasons

There are other cash for car services operating in Auckland, however, we offer a superior grade of services. Will the other companies pay as much as us? The answer is no. We are dedicated to being the top payers of cash for cars, with up to $12’000 being paid for used and unwanted vehicles that have blown engines. If the vehicle is of a larger automobile type, such as a truck or 4×4, the amount of cash can go up to $15’000.

The amount of time we have been plying our trade in Auckland exceeds that of two decades. That is a lot of experience that has built up, giving us a solid base of skill. What better way to ensure that anyone taking advantage of our expertise receives the most satisfactory and convenient service that is humanly possible?

Blown Car Motor?

You won’t be able to drive that machine ever again if the cost of fixing it outweighs how much it is worth. Instead, you should exchange it for cash via the process of selling it. Fortunately we are here to make the whole process simple, easy and completely un-complicated on top of those other two. Here are the steps, three in total, which will lead to getting top cash for your broken down car.

  1. Contact Taha Car Collection

  • Selling Car that needs an engine?
  • Want to know the value of car with bad engine?
  • Selling undriveable car?
  • Do you want to trade in car with seized / bad engine?
  • Selling a bad car with no engine?
  • Selling a car with blown head gasket?

We can’t buy your car off you until we know that you exist, your car exists, and you want to sell it to us. This is why it is so important to contact us. The number that one would dial in order to drop us a line is 0800 114 508. There is also a quote request form on our website that can be used as an alternative method for doing this.

  1. Receive a no-obligations attached quote for free

We will take note of what make and model your car is, as well as how old it is and what condition it is in, for instance the fact that the motor is blown. Then we can give you a quote. It will be generous, accurate and fair. You don’t have to accept the offer.

  1. Sell Car with Blown Head Gasket Today!

However, you will accept the offer because it will be so good. Then we can come over with our cash and give it to you on the spot. Just after we look at the car in person and provide a final offer. Then we can take your car back to our salvage yard. The removal is completely free!

The Signs of a Blown Motor to Look Out For 

When an engine breaks down and fails completely, it is often due to overheating. There are a few different signs to look out for when this occurs. There will likely be blue or white smoke emitting from the bonnet. The colour depends on what liquid is burning. Engine oil burning causes blue smoke, coolant causes white smoke.

Perhaps there is a major engine component that has broken. When this occurs it is accompanied by a sound that resembles a knocking or rattling.

When an engine breaks down completely, there will be a major difficulty in getting it started. It may not start up no matter how much you try. Perhaps it does start up but you find that it is using much more oil than it has previously used when in normal condition. This, coupled with the smoke problem, indicates that the oil or coolant is not providing the services that it is supposed to be. The engine will overheat as a result, eventually failing completely.

So, the Engine has Broken Down (Blown Engine)?

What do you do now? The cost of having an engine fixed or replaced can set you back by thousands of dollars. A lot of old cars are only worth thousands of dollars. So when the cost of getting them repaired is even a few hundred more than how much it was worth before, it is time to get rid of the whole vehicle.

Here at Taha Car Collection, we make this a very easy thing to do. And you get good cash at the same time. So, if your car was only worth three thousand dollars, and it will cost you four thousand dollars to fix it, you should get in touch with us and we will buy it off you!

Taha Car Collection is Number One when Buying Mechanically Broken Cars

We buy any make and any model of automobile that is offered to us. We will never reject an automobile for any reason. There is no level of disrepair or damage that will result in your vehicle being disqualified from our interest in it. The removal process will not cost you a single dollar, as we don’t charge for it. We will even do the paperwork for you!

So, if you need to sell a broken or scrap car, think Taha Car Collection!

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