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Pros and Cons of Buying a 4×4

/ / Pros and Cons of Buying a 4×4

(Last Modified on: October 3, 2019)

Pick-up trucks and 4×4’s are increasing in their already formidable popularity. This is not news to most people. When one looks at a road they are even more likely to see a Volkswagen Amarok or Isuzu D-Max. Folk just want to drive something that has more grunt and size to match it. Or are there other motivations influencing their decision making process?


Pros to be had from Buying a 4wd Pick-up

They pull heavy loads with great ease: To begin with, pick-up trucks are the vastly superior option if one is after a vehicle that will tow heavy trailers. This is due to how well they are equipped for this task. You can carry such a heavy amount that working is made simple.

They travel rough roads with relative ease: Vehicles that work on, say, construction sites, need to be designed with those ground surfaces in mind. We are talking about rocky and wildly uneven terrains. 4×4’s have the required traction and resilience to do just that.

While being flexible, like vans, they are also the same as cars when it comes to driving: Pick-up trucks are extremely customisable. If you spend your hard earned dollars on an Isuzu D-Max you can look forward to having the ability of choosing from at least ten different kinds.

They cost less to run: A lot of pick-up truck models are very economical when it comes to fuel consumption. With some models having a mile per gallon rate of around 40.

They are very safe to drive: A Ford Ranger has a rating of 96% protection, as it is loaded with all the latest safety related technology. You can worry less about being in harm’s way!

Cons of Purchasing a Pick-Up Truck

The truck bed is easy to break into: The guys on Top Gear once made it clear that if thieves want what is in your truck bed, they can get it will relative ease. This won’t be a problem if you are using the truck on a construction site to move large loads. There are models with hard shells to go some way toward solving this. But vans are generally better at storing expensive goods unattended for long periods of time.

Lack of space that is of the vertical variety: If you have something that requires being hauled from one place to another that is longer than the space you have available, your 4×4 may not be able to accommodate.

Sometimes one is better off with a car-derived van: The vehicle you choose depends on what your needs are. If you are doing a lot of off-road travel with heavy loads then a 4×4 pick-up is the answer. However, some other situations will be better served with a car derived van.


There are many pros and cons to consider. But if you don’t consider them, you may find yourself with something you don’t want. No-one wants that. So take your time!

Posted By: Glen Hunter | Posted On: October 3, 2019 | Category: General
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