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(Last Modified on: September 2, 2019)


If you currently require a method for getting rid of a Japanese car as quickly as possible, and you live in Auckland, you can rest easy. The solution to this problem is as simple as picking up your phone and calling us up at Taha Car Collection. We are the Auckland’s number one wreckers of Japanese vehicles including cars, 4wd, Utes, Vans and Trucks. We pay the best cash and provide free removal to top it all off.

Auckland Wide Free Japanese Car Removals

You can be living pretty much anywhere in Auckland or the surrounding regions (Northland to Hamilton). This includes West Auckland, South Auckland, North Shore, Manukau, Manurewa, Papakura, Pukekohe, Papatoetoe, Onehunga, Ponsonby, Waitakere, New Lynn and Penrose suburbs. The service we provide is incredibly speedy. This is a god-send for any folk out there who need to sell their vehicle as quickly as they possibly can. Which there are plenty! And it doesn’t matter what condition the car is in. We will still buy it.

Toyota Wreckers | Parts | Dismantlers | Recycling

Perhaps your Toyota has aged to such a degree that it is costing too much in order to keep in on the road. Replace it! But first, you should sell it. But who wants a Toyota that costs too much to keep maintained? Someone who is planning on wrecking it for parts, that’s who. That would be us Toyota Wreckers at Taha Car Collection. We buy all the Toyota models [Toyota Hilux, Camry, Corolla, Estima, Land Cruiser, Vitz, Altezza, Rav4 and more], and we buy Toyota’s regardless of their condition. Contact us and get a free quote as quickly as possible.

Nissan Wreckers | Parts | Dismantlers | Recycling

When a Nissan breaks down permanently, it is easy to despair. How are you going to sell it when it is now effectively a scrap car? Don’t worry. We have the answer here. Our Nissan Wreckers @ Taha Car Collection will buy your Nissan. And we will not turn it down for any reason either. Not because of its model, nor because of its condition. Then, as a cherry on top, we will take it off your hands free of any charge. The top amount of cash we pay can go all the way up to $15K!

Subaru Wreckers | Parts | Dismantlers | Recycling

Subaru’s are no less susceptible to age and inevitable permanent break down than any other make of vehicle. So, if you have suddenly realised that there is no way your Subaru will ever drive again due to this happening, you may not know what to do. The fact of the matter is that you can sell it so easily that you will be amazed. To our Subaru Wreckers at Taha Car Collection! We pay top dollar for scrap cars or any vehicle that needs selling fast. Get rid of your Subaru within the space of a day and for the best cash payment.

Mitsubishi Wreckers | Parts | Dismantlers | Recycling

Do you want the best possible price for a Mitsubishi that no longer runs? You won’t get it on the private market. In fact, you won’t find it anywhere other than by selling it to Mitsubishi Wreckers here at Taha Car Collection. We pay a maximum of $12’000 for Mitsubishi’s. It doesn’t matter if the Mitsubishi in question has no parts on it worthy of salvage. We will simply salvage the materials instead. Give us a call and find out how much your Mitsubishi may be worth via a free quote. We remove for free as well.

Mazda Wreckers | Parts | Dismantlers | Recycling

Where-ever you live in Auckland, if you want ultra-fast sale and free removal of your Mazda, look no further than Mazda Wreckers at Taha Car Collection. We buy Mazda’s that are in all levels of disrepair. We buy Mazda’s that are from all the different lines of models. Perhaps it is a van, truck, 4×4, Ute or SUV that best describes the kind of vehicle your Mazda is. We will not hesitate to spend top dollar on it, regardless of the size or shape. Larger vehicle types get even more than the normal maximum of $12’000 that cars get.

Suzuki Wreckers | Parts | Dismantlers | Recycling

When a Suzuki gives up the ghost, where does one go about selling it? Do you sell it on the private market? It will take a long time for anyone to express any interest in a junk car. Contact us here at Taha Car Collection and you will be able to sell that Suzuki within the space of a day, no trouble. And for a maximum of $12K depending on the details of the car in question!

Honda Wreckers | Parts | Dismantlers | Recycling

It doesn’t matter where you live in Auckland, you will be able to sell your scrap Honda with as much ease as it takes to make toast. Just go to our website and fill out the form there, or call us at 0800 113 112. Give us all the main details about your Honda. We need to know how old it is, what condition it is in, and what model of Honda it belongs to. Then we can provide you with a free quote! There isn’t a quicker or easier way to sell a scrap car.

Isuzu Wreckers | Parts | Dismantlers | Recycling

So, your Isuzu is in the worst condition that it’s ever been in. And the cost of having it fixed will cost more than how much it is worth. This doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Because Isuzu Wreckers at Taha Car Collection buy Isuzu’s as well.

Lexus Wreckers | Parts | Dismantlers | Recycling

There is no question about it: When a Lexus breaks down, it is a very sad time for the owner. This is made even worse when the mechanic tells you that it will cost more than the Lexus is worth in order to fix it. This is where Taha Car Collection comes in. We will happily take care of the problem for you. Buy buying the Lexus. We pay more than anyone else will. The most we pay is $15’000. No-one else pays that much. We even provide free removal.

Japanese Used Spare Parts Dealer

If you can find a place that sells the best quality parts and the most affordable prices, you will only buy parts from there, right? Well, that place is here at Taha Car Collection. Get in touch with Auckland’s number one used car parts supplier, to find parts that have been tested, refurbished, and picked by the best. We also sell Jap Euro aftermarket Spare Parts.

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