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Privacy Policy

(Last Modified on: April 30, 2019)

Taha Car Collection (A division of Japanese Euro Auto Parts) is one of the most reputed and highly consistent Cash for Car Business in Auckland, NZ. Please note that in this privacy policy Taha Car Collection (A division of Japanese Euro Auto Parts) use the terms “we/our/us” to mention their company. We prioritise our visitors and customers privacy at the top. And, we put great effort to protect it when they visit our website or use our online applications and services. This particularly aims at keeping all the details of our customers private when they use our site or acquire our services. This helps us to make users feel safe as they go through our site.

We have designed this policy to define what personal details we gather from our users and how we use it to help them in the best possible way. This also helps us to guide the users through the website and help them to make an informed decision. The terms and conditions in this policy applies to you the moment you visit our web page – Tahacarcollection.co.nz.

We use our discretion to hold the authority for modifying or eliminating any segment of this policy. It supports us to share any new modifications or latest information about our service to the visitors. You can review this policy time to time to check our company, products or services. Feel free to share your comments or feedback.

Additionally, we have also mentioned brand names, trademarks and designations of the auto companies as reference. But it does not show any information about the company being affiliated to any auto manufacturer’s brand. Also we don’t precisely describe any information about third party website that maybe indicated or linked on this page.


When you visit our website, you voluntarily approve to our privacy policy and the prevailing terms and conditions. This means you deliberately agree to share your personal as well as non-personal information. So we can collect all private information about you and carefully save it for using in the right way. By using this policy we intend to keep maintain the authenticity of your information and protect it. We will reveal the information as discussed in this policy. 

This privacy policy applies to all the visitors or users on our site. It doesn’t matter if you apply for registration with us or sign in any account. Every time a visitor use our site they submit to share their details voluntarily. For example, we will need your personal details to answer your enquiries and provide the right services when you access our site. This also means that you give us your consent to be contacted when you connect with our team or email us. We can contact you directly on phone or send emails. We understand that it is our responsibility to protect our users information from any unlawful activity. 


When you surf through site, fill out our online forms, sign up for our newsletter or respond to any related survey. We collect your private information and store it to use in the best interest. This also means sharing only those details that are required to be disclosed. We use it for the exact purpose for which the information was gathered. We may also use your details for some other purposes that are not directly related to the primary goal. You will receive a copy of correspondence containing your personal information. We ensure to safely archive and preserve it for record-keeping and back-up.  


We implement the best ways to disclose your private information carefully. You will need to provide it to us even if you have disclosed or approved for the necessary information to scrap your automobile. This is helpful for us to know the user and take a lawful action in case of any loss or damage. This also encourages us to lawfully act against any person who harm, damage or interferes with our rights, property or users. Beside this we may also disclose any legally correct information. Sometimes we may also give you services that are offered by third parties on our behalf. In such cases they will need your necessary information to provide you with proper services or products.


We value all our customers and visitors. So we take responsibility to maintain the privacy, safety and integrity of the details gathered about them. We know that securing the data transmission on the internet is not that easy. But we endeavour to apply right practices and follow appropriate precautions. This encourages us to retain the details in its original form as given by customers. We also keep a check on our security measures from time to time. In addition to this we use latest technologies to keep our website up-to-date. This assists us to protect the information shared online by our customers at the time of getting goods or services.

At our company, the employees take care to keep the customers details confidential. But we are not responsible for any fraudulent events if any unauthorised party or person retrieve your details. When you agree to acquire our service, you also give your consent to understand the associated terms and risks. We usually take care to protect it from getting disclosed, modified, accessed or destructed. We do this by implementing correct measures. But sometimes even the security measures can get breached by scammers.


Cookies are used by many websites for storing data received by users. It generally involves transmission of data to an individual’s hard drive by a site. This is done mainly for the purpose of storing information for record keeping. Our website also uses cookies to make it easy for the visitors to access our online platform. With the help of stored data in cookies we understand our customers’ requirements and accordingly customize the website.

However, some users don’t like to have their details gathered and stored by cookies. If you are such a user, you can easily avoid it. There are many web browsers that provide an option of accepting or rejecting the cookie feature. You can take any step that you think is best for you. But when you access our services it may be a good decision to accept cookies.


The main purpose of this policy is to take care of users’ privacy. And, we take its responsibility by going to any lengths. We protect the users’ information by implementing necessary steps and actions. You are free to contact us at any time, if you see any wrong information being disclosed about you. Even the employees who handle our information systems take care to maintain proper confidentiality of user’s personal details.


We make our website highly compatible with other sites and applications linked to it. Though we don’t control those sites we just share their links. If anything wrong happen with you while conducting the business we don’t take the responsibility. It is advisable to all the users to thoroughly check our privacy statement when they go through our site. They are also advised to understand the terms and conditions of use.


Whether you are a visitor or customer, feel free to contact us for any problems or enquiries regarding our site. We will straightaway work to remove the problem and deal with related issues. You can also email us at info@tahacarcollection.co.nz, if you have any enquiries or questions.

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