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How to sell a scrap car for cash in Auckland

/ / How to sell a scrap car for cash in Auckland

(Last Modified on: December 9, 2020)

How much do you get for scrapping a car

If you want to sell your scrap car, now is the best time to do it. Getting good cash for scrap cars is a surprisingly easy task to complete. Especially if you live in Auckland, as that is the home of Taha Car Collection. And whether your automobile is a car, or an SUV, truck, van, 4×4 or Ute, we will happily take it off your hands, paying you good money to do so.

If you search for who is the best scrap car buyer in Auckland, you will find us on the top of the list. Get in touch with your local scrap car buyer by calling this number: 0800 114 508 or go to our website. There you can find the instant quote form that can be filled out with great ease.

What is the Best Time To Sell Your Scrap Car for Cash?

You will know that the time has come to send your vehicle to the salvage yard when any one of these occurs:

  • Your car is breaking down more often and the cost of keeping it on the road is threatening to exceed the car’s monetary value.
  • If you were to trade it in, you would get hardly a penny out of it.
  • The amount of mechanical problems plaguing the vehicle in question has made it impossible to give away to anyone.

Selling your unwanted car privately via the newspaper or online would be impossible. People who buy cars via those mediums tend to want vehicles that they can drive without extensive repairs.

No-one has been driving it due to the damage and disrepair, so it has just been sitting there taking up space in your garage.

How Scrap Car Sale Works?

If you have a vehicle that can be undoubtedly referred to as a junk car, you have a couple of options. One of them requires for you to have tools, mechanical knowledge, and plenty of space on your property. Then you need a whole lot of time as well, as you will be taking the car to pieces and selling the parts and components online.

The other option you can choose to get rid of your junk car with is to sell the vehicle in question to a Cash for Cars Company, otherwise known as car scrappers. You won’t need anything other than a phone or computer with an internet connection. Look up what salvage yards and auto wrecking companies in Auckland, who pay cash for cars you have in your area. Contact them, get an offer and accept it. It’s as easy as that.

Instant & Free Unwanted Vehicle Quotes

Here at Taha Car Collection, we start the ball rolling by giving you a free online quote to sell your scrap car. This is where you tell us the make, model, age and condition your car is in. We take these details and come up with the best possible deal. Then we get back to you fast and quick with a free quote.

The information you give us will influence how much your car can be valued at. But it won’t cause us to reject the vehicle in question. We buy scrap vehicles no matter what their level of disrepair or damage is. Do we buy cars that have been completely damaged in floods? Yes, we do. The same goes for cars that have been the victim of serious crashes and accidents. No matter how serious the damage, we will happily take that car and pay you good money for the privilege.

What’s the catch for getting the top cash for scrap car?

You may be worried that we are hiding costs, like the cost of us coming over and picking your vehicle up. However, you can rest easy as we won’t be deducting money from the cash payment you receive in order to make up for the cost of removal.

We want only the best for our customers, which means ensuring that they get the best possible monetary rewards for selling their junk cars. We wouldn’t be able to deliver on this if we were to charge for anything. This means that there is no catch!


An Ultimate Myth: Junk Cars are worthless!

It is understandable for anyone to think that once a car has permanently broken down, it is effectively worthless. If no-one wants it, how could it be worth anything? But this is thinking about it the wrong way. That vehicle is teaming with parts that are all worth money. They just need to be removed from the car and added to the used parts inventory. They will be sold at a later date as used parts.

That is only if the part is in good condition, however. If the part is in bad condition, the part is sold to a scrap metal company. Either way, the whole vehicle is going to be recycled. Which is good news for the environment, not just anyone who wants to recycle their trash car for top cash. This is because it reduces the need for metals to be mined from the ground. And as we are all aware of, mining is not without its problems, environmentally speaking.

Does the Registration Need to be Present?

We would rather prefer that you had the registration or title of ownership. But if you don’t, we will still buy the vehicle off you. It may not be as valuable to us, however. If you have any questions concerning this, you can contact us and ask one of our friendly customer service experts. You can also browse advice from the NZTA for people selling scrap cars.

Preparing your Unwanted Vehicle for Us

You may not have to do these things if they don’t need doing. If your car does have a lot of junk in it, please clean it out before we take it to the car scrap yard. Make sure there are no personal belongings in it either. Check every last nook and cranny to be sure of this, as you don’t want to lose anything. Is the car insured? Have it cancelled before selling it to us.

Be Present When We Pick up the Vehicle

When we take the car away, we want to be sure that you are the owner, with some kind of proof to back it up. So you will need to be there when we provide you with the free scrap car removal service. We will need to look at your drivers’ licence or some kind of identification like Passport that has your photo on it.

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