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How to get the best trade in value for your car?

/ / How to get the best trade in value for your car?

(Last Modified on: November 23, 2020)

There is no shame in admitting that your vehicle is no longer fit for your ownership. Sure, it hasn’t bitten the dust, but one day it will. And you would prefer that someone else was owning it when that happens. The sooner you sell the car in question, the more likely it is that you will not be the one owning it when it finally breaks down for good. How about getting the trade in value of your vehicle?


Different Methods of Selling Your Car

You have thought about all the different ways to sell a car. Using the private market is tempting due to the fact that you end up with so much more money than you would otherwise. But you don’t have all the time for cleaning the car, taking photos, placing an ad, and talking to prospective customers. You definitely hate the idea of going on test drives with them. However, there is an alternative that sounds right up your ally.

Trading the car in at a used car buyer, is the plan you have settled on. You love the fact that it will be over in one day. And you will also be buying a car at the same time. It kills two proverbial birds with one proverbial stone. However, you may not know that there are things you can do in order to make sure you get the most value out of your car that is humanely possible. Well, here are some things you can do to achieve just that.

Know How Much Your Car is Worth!

Before going ahead with any trade-in deals, get some important leverage by finding out how much your automobile is worth. This isn’t a difficult procedure to execute. Especially now that we have such awesome tools such as an entire internet. If it is a reliable online resource you want, try Redbook. You can also go to any one of the many websites dedicated to buying and selling automobiles. See if anyone is selling a car that is of the same age, condition, model and make as yours. Take note of the price they are selling for.

Factor in Your Own Personal Financial Situation

Do you have money still owing on the car you currently own? This is a salient question to be posing to yourself. Especially if you are looking to trade the vehicle in. If the value of your car at trade-in either exceeds or the opposite of exceeds the debt that you still owe, this will be a problem. However, if you are concerned about this, which you should be, it is not impossible take on the help of a professional to impart some advice to you.

Choose the Right Time of Year to Trade-in Your Car

Used car buyers will take in new second hand cars at the start of every year. When the end of the year rolls around, and they still have cars to sell, they will be getting more and more desperate to get rid of those automobiles as each day passes. This can be useful in getting a good price for the vehicle that you want to trade your current one in for. If you do some mental gymnastics, you can kind of think of this as enhancing the value of your car.

Make Your Vehicle Presentable

When you trade your car in, or sell it via any other method, the person taking your car will be less likely to do just that if it is a dirty mess. This is because we have evolved to be incredibly judgemental of mere appearances. We do it to other people all the time. It is the reason for why job interviews require the interviewee to dress up nicely.

So, before you bring your vehicle in, give it a thorough washing up. Be sure to use all the correct car washing products. A finishing wax and shine will not go amiss. It would be a huge mistake to neglect the interior. Give it a vacuum and freshen the air as well. If the seats are worn down and ugly, invest in seat covers. If the floor is the same, spend your hard earned money on some mats.

Don’t Worry about Massive Repair Jobs

If the amount of money you are spending eats too much into the value of the vehicle, it will be pointless to trade it in. You may as well be selling your car to wreckers and then buy a replacement. Do find out if the car does need repairs, however. You don’t want to take the car to the dealership and have them find out that it needs these major repairs.

Luckily, scrap car buyers in Auckland can pay you the best price for your unwanted vehicle which could be helpful money for kick-starting next vehicle’s deposit.

Get all The Paperwork Together

This is an obvious step in the trade-in procedure. However, it seems that it still needs mentioning as so many people still forget to do this. Get all the paper work associated with your vehicle in one place so you can show it to the car dealer. This includes the ownership papers, registration, and all the maintenance receipts you may have accumulated. Those last items will show the dealer that you have been taking care of the vehicle, or haven’t if that is the case.

Make Appointments with a Few Different Car Buyers

This will go a long way toward getting the best deal. However, if you have made up your mind on the car you want to trade-in for, it may just be that you have only one option at your fingertips. But it can also be a help in the negotiating process to tell them that you have gotten a better offer from someone else.

Be Good at Negotiating

A huge part of the used car selling process is the haggling that takes place before the deal is closed. If you aren’t particularly good at it, or you lack the confidence, it is perfectly okay to enlist the help of a friend or family member who is good at it. No-one will judge you harshly for doing so. Good luck in your endeavours!

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