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Essential Car Selling Hacks Revealed

/ / Essential Car Selling Hacks Revealed

(Last Modified on: November 17, 2020)

If there was ever a challenge that pushes most people to the edges of sanity, it is the process of selling a car. Not many people put it anywhere near their list of top one-thousand fun things to do. Chances are that you don’t either.

There is so much to put up with. People contacting you, making you wait for them, only to not show up. Tyre kickers who waste your time. The sheer amount of time that you have to wait before the right buyer comes along. All the effort that needs to go into this process is mind-numbing.

Once you start to lose all hope, you need to start trying the important tips and hacks that this article will go about describing.

Choose a Good Time of Year to Sell Your Car

Unless you absolutely need to sell your car now, you could benefit by selling at a good time of year to be selling cars. Generally, this will be during the summer. Especially if the vehicle in question is a sports car or a convertible. Avoid selling over the Christmas holidays. People are usually spending all their money on presents, food and alcohol. They don’t buy cars as Christmas presents either.

Prepare the Vehicle in Question

Some people don’t put enough importance on first impressions. They go to first dates dressed in their pyjamas. They go to job interviews unshaven and smelling of body odour. And they try to sell their vehicle when it is dirty and un-washed. They are only setting themselves up for failure, as people will judge them the wrong way, along with their car.

First things first, give your car a good clean. Or you can get your car detailed first. Whatever you prefer. If there are any dents or scratches, it may not cost too much to get them sorted, and it will give your car’s selling ability that extra edge.

Don’t forget to clean the interior either. A good vacuum won’t go amiss. Neither will a good airing out. Use air freshener. Replace worn out mats and car seat covers. Cover up or remove stains. Your car will look beautiful and will be ready for the next part of the process.

Take Good Pictures

You will need to place adverts for your car. And a car advert without pictures is like a restaurant without food. It will help a great deal if you can take them with a bit of photographic flare. Go online and look at professionally taken pictures to get an example of what we are talking about here. You will notice that none of them are out of focus and blurry. So it goes without saying that you have to avoid taking pictures that have these flaws.

Want to give your photos that extra edge? Take them on a fine day. Ensure that there aren’t too many trees reflecting on the car’s surface. Don’t take it with messy surroundings. And take the photos dynamic angles. Take photos that showcase how great your vehicle looks on the interior as well. If you don’t, people will assume it looks bad in there.

Research the Market Value of Your Car

Jump online and find out how much your car is worth. That is the most effective place to be researching the value of cars these days. You can complement any research you do online with input from friends who may have some ideas or info. Don’t forget to include some wiggle room for the negotiating process.

Make the Advert

Writing up a good advert doesn’t need to be hard. Think about all the things you love about your car, and describe them with an enthusiasm that you normally set aside for describing things you genuinely love. If you love your car, this will be easy. If you hate your car, it may be a bit more of a challenge. But not an impossible one. One thing you must avoid is outright lying. People will find out once they take the vehicle in question for a test drive.

If there are any major issues of a mechanical nature that you decided not to fix, you must mention them. Doing otherwise is straight up lying by omission. You can get into trouble being dishonest like that. Honesty is always a policy that is to be favoured.

Brush up on Your Haggling Skills

If you don’t have any haggling skills, then you may want to acquire some. Here are some things to remember about what good haggling looks like. Be brave. You will probably have to turn down some buyers if they don’t offer the right money amounts. Making it look like you are allowing any prospective buyers to see the car early will give you an edge.

If they have located flaws that they feel should result in a lowered price, do so. This is only fair. But some people will try to give you the run around. They will say things are flaws when they aren’t. Be aware of this so that you aren’t tricked.

Have a minimum amount of money that you are prepared to sell for established before-hand. Don’t budge on this personal boundary. When you set the price, make it more than you actually want, but not by so much that prospective buyers will laugh at you and walk away. Ask them how much they are willing to pay before you tell them how much the price you have set is.

If the Car Is Totalled

Maybe you are looking to sell your car, but there is just one problem. It is totalled. The cost of getting it fixed will actually exceed how much it is worth. You may as well sell it in this case, but you may assume that this is impossible. The truth is that it isn’t. Find an Auckland’s local scrap car removal service like Taha Car Collection and offer the vehicle to them. They will buy it off you. Because they buy the cars that no-one wants, for the purposes of recycling them and making money. Make sure they offer free removal, though. That way you will get the best deal!

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