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Equipment You Need for Dismantling Your Car

/ / Equipment You Need for Dismantling Your Car

(Last Modified on: March 26, 2019)

Owning a vehicle that has entered the scrap stage of its life is really distressing. You won’t be able to sell it to a private party due to major damages. Also, you cannot think of abandoning and illegally dumping it a landfill. By this act you will contribute in harming the environment.

So, the best thing you can do is dismantle your vehicle and sell the working car body parts. It is a great way to make good money from your worn-out vehicle as well as get rid of it permanently. However, this process is effective only if you are ready to spend energy and time to take your vehicle apart.

You must also have the right equipment to successfully accomplish the job of removing parts that are in working condition. Most people often use the professional car dismantlers in Auckland, due to lack of knowledge of breaking vehicles. But if you are willing to do it yourself make sure to collect the right tools for the dismantling process.


Check the following list of DIY equipment you must have for dismantling your automobile:

Cutting Tools

When it comes to the automobiles, nearly half of their weight comprises of steel. It is important to have quality cutting tools when you decide to dismantle your old car yourself. By using them you can easily cut through steel and metal. You can buy cutters that are used for multi-purpose.

These tools are appropriate for cutting thick wires, steel, brackets and bolts as they are powered by electro-hydraulic. You can buy these at our local hardware shop or pop your head into a rental outlet. Their polite representatives will give you a friendly customer service to guide you in the right direction.

Additionally, make sure to get a handy craft knife (also known as a Stanley knife). These are great equipment for severing hoses and wires with ease. These are extremely sharp tools that can be dangerous if not used carefully. Normally, you should be careful with all the tools required for taking apart a vehicle. 

Equipment’s for recouping Refrigerant and Fluid

When recovering toxic fluids and refrigerant take care to use the right tools. It is not problem if you hire professional car breakers. As they are highly concerned about the environment. They practice eco-friendly techniques while recovering harmful fluids and substances. This is the most important step when you start to wreck your car for components.

So, make sure to choose a professional help if you are not competent enough to do this task. There are some countries and cities that encourage auto dismantling to be performed only by experts. Fortunately, you can find quality tools for safely recovering fluids and substances that can be harmful to the environment.

Engine Hoists

On an average the weight of engines without transmission is around 160 kg’s. On the other hand, an engine with transmission can weigh about 272 kg’s. When it comes to removing auto engines, it can be really difficult. You can’t actually do it with your unclothed hands. 

In this situation you will need a special equipment that is engine hoist. Most people opt for a single-post engine hoist for taking off an engine. This is an effective tool for lifting of super heavy parts.

However, using all of these equipment’s required incredible knowledge about their use. And, if you are doing to it yourself, you need to be extra cautious. This way you can finish the task effectively without causing any yourself any injury and bloodshed.

Posted By: Glen Hunter | Posted On: March 26, 2019 | Category: FAQ | Tags: car recycling, vehicle dismantler

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