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How to diagnose and repair Your Car’s Air Conditioning

/ / How to diagnose and repair Your Car’s Air Conditioning

(Last Modified on: June 13, 2019)

No-one wants their vehicle’s air conditioning system to have any issues. Especially if it is particularly cold or hot. There will be red flags and symptoms that will alert the driver to the fact that something is wrong. They tend to make themselves known over a long bracket of time. One needs to keep on top of this by taking their vehicle into the mechanic for regular air-conditioner check-ups.

As is usual for most mechanical issues, if it is not sorted out, it can have a cascading effect on other components of the vehicle. The owner of the car will end up having to pay for repairs to multiple other related parts if they don’t get the core problem fixed.

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Fortunately, your average set of wheels will have a light that will illuminate when there are mechanical issues. This will occur when the engine needs looking at, or when the tyre pressure requires checking. Unfortunately, there isn’t a corresponding light to alert one to the air conditioning failing. If warm air is coming out when cold air is supposed to, or there is a horrible smell being emitted when you turn the air-con on, these are symptoms of a problem.

Can You Fix Your Car’s Air Con Yourself?

Not everyone is particularly skilled in the area of automotive technology. Maybe your knowledge in what different parts one can expect to find in a car’s air-con is meagre. If this is the case, you won’t be able to really find out what is wrong when you encounter one of the possible symptoms. You will really need to get an expert opinion in order to ensure that the problem is correctly diagnosed.

However, it is a good idea to be well versed on what some of the symptoms are. There is a variety of different sized problems that can result in air conditioning faults. There could be more than one problem acting as the cause in any one instance. The whole system needs to be assessed. Perhaps the main culprit is just a hose that has become faulty. But this is unlikely, and if that is all you had fixed, don’t be surprised when you discover that the issue is still there.

A List of Common Causes of Air-Con Issues and how They Are Repaired

  • Weak air blowing strength

    Perhaps the air is coming out of your air conditioning, but the blowing strength is kind of weak. The very highest setting is only giving you a middle setting result. What is making this happen? A hose may be loose. A seal could be in need of replacing. The fan could be not working properly due to a fault. Or there is excessive moisture inside your air-con system.

  • There is a Lack of Consistency

    If your air conditioner has a major issue, but the issue in question comes and goes, it is hard to get it sorted. When you take it in to get fixed and the issue has subsided for the time being, how is the mechanic supposed to diagnose anything? They will say that there is nothing wrong. What would be the issue? I may be a fuse of the blown variety. A seal could have started leaking. There are other issues that are even worse, like a faulty compressor or something in the system is acting as a clogging agent.

  • Warm Air Instead of Cool Air

    This is the kind of problem that can present itself in the space of an hour, or slowly over a period of weeks or months. The air is blowing out with as much strength as it should, but it is warm instead of being cool. A leak is the most likely culprit. If it isn’t that, it could be that something is clogging your air-con’s system, or it may be that a component within the air-con has been somehow damaged. The longer you wait to get a simple leak fixed, the more damage it will inflict on the air conditioning system. This is important to note, seeing as it is such an inexpensive fix.

  • There is a Horrible Smell Coming from the System

    Sometimes a faulty air conditioner will alert you to its problems by issuing forth a terrible smell. The common cause for this problem is that there is that moisture has accumulated within it. Often times this means that a filter within the unit requires changing.

Is there a DIY Solution to Fix the Air Con’s?

If you do not have the required expertise in repairing automotive air conditioning systems, your best bet is to leave it to the experts. You could make a big mess of it otherwise, even if you do consult the internet in order to get some pro tips.

However, there is the odd problem that can be fixed by a person that doesn’t have any skills in repairing air conditioners. Giving your vehicle’s air-con a recharge is easy to do yourself. Perhaps the car itself requires a recharge. However, there could be a leak in the air-con, causing it to lose refrigerant.

What Can One Expect to Pay for Repairs?

Whether or not you end up paying through the nose for your air conditioning repair will depend on what is wrong with it. The number one ailment that air conditioners suffer from is leaks. It is a good thing, then, that leaks are also the most affordable issue to get fixed. It can cost in between fifty to two-hundred dollars.

How much does it cost to get your car air conditioner fixed?

The fact of the matter when a vehicle is taken in for repairs at the mechanic is that you are paying for two things: labour and parts. Certain air conditioning problems require more man-hours in order to get fixed, while other need certain expensive parts. A compressor can cost up to $1000. The car’s make and model also has an impact on the cost.

How much does it cost to get your car air conditioner replaced?

If you are having the entire air-con system replaced, this can be very expensive. You could end up being set back by $1500 to $4000.

Fix Up Costs Exceeding the Actual Worth of Your Vehicle?

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