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Some people find the task of selling a vehicle of the commercial variety to be not only simple and easy, but fun as well. However, a lot of people don’t. Many folk actually find it difficult. If you live in Auckland, NZ, however, you have the means of selling your commercial truck via the easiest method available. What method is this? By selling Taha Car Collection!

If you want the most convenient selling experience, coupled with the best cash deal, Taha Car Collection is your best bet. The speed at which your commercial vehicle is sold will make your head spin. And this is on top of the free commercial vehicle removal you can expect to receive!

Excellent Reasons to Hire Commercial Truck Wreckers @ Taha Car Collection

If you have ever sat down and seriously wondered where the best place to sell your commercial trucks is, here is the answer: Taha Car Collection. We are always dedicated to provide our customers with a level of satisfaction that can’t be beat.

If you want some great reasons that will help you to choose Taha Car Collection as the way to sell your truck, here are some of the best:

  • There is no make or model that we will not spend our hard earned money on
  • We will buy every commercial vehicle offered regardless of what condition it is in
  • The whole process is the very definition of incredibly quick. Your vehicle will be sold in less than the space of a day
  • You can expect to enjoy a free commercial truck removal service that comes absolutely free of charge
  • Find out how much your vehicle is worth by getting a free quote

The Most Environmental Method for Scrapping a Commercial Vehicle

Perhaps it is a Ute that you want to get the best cash deal for. Or maybe it is a 4wd. As a leading scrap truck buyers, we don’t just buy both of those. We buy SUV’s as well, along with vans and trucks. And when we get that automobile back to our scrap yard in Auckland, you know that we are going to recycle it. We are going to make sure that every last piece of a vehicle is put back into the circle of automotive life.

Before we begin dismantling any automobile, however, there is a major task that needs to be completed. The draining of all the environmentally harmful toxic substances present inside it. Because taking a vehicle apart will create a huge mess. And that mess will be far worse if there is any coolant, engine oil, brake fluid, or so forth in that vehicle. Read more in WIKI.

We Buy Your Commercial Vehicle Fast & Free

It is a common place when you sell a bigger vehicle to have to put aside a lot of time. You will not be selling it fast if it is the private market route that you are taking. You will be selling it slowly. It will take a week at the least, unless you are very lucky. And it will most likely take much longer, perhaps up to a month.

Commercial Vehicles Wanted of All Makes and Models

Taha Car Collection are not going to be turning down your commercial vehicle for any reason at all. So when you think that your automobile’s brand is one of the less popular ones, so therefore it will be less likely to be sold, you are wrong. It will be just as likely to be sold in this case. We will buy your vehicle even if it is a Ute, van, SUV, truck, car, or 4×4.

The same goes for all the different makes and models out there. Here is a list of the many makes of commercial vehicles out there that Taha Car Collection will be more than happy to buy. Toyota, Hyundai, Isuzu, BMW, Honda, Ford, Subaru, Mercedes Benz, Fuso, Hino, Hiace, and so forth!

Easily Available & Affordable Commercial Auto Parts

If you have a major issue, or minor issue, with your commercial truck, and you need a part of the replacement variety to fix it. You will be wanting it to be affordable. Anyone is Auckland has the means for buying extremely affordable second hand parts, and guess who is selling them? Taha Car Collection. We sell top quality truck, van, 4wd & Ute parts that are in the best condition and at the most affordable prices.

The fact that we buy the full variety of used commercial vehicle means that we will have the part you need regardless of what make or model you have. So you need to get in touch with us for all your used part needs. We refurbish and recondition every part that we decide to sell. And we also test them exhaustively. There is also a thirty to ninety day warrantee on selected parts.

Free Commercial Vehicle Removal Auckland

When most auto wreckers buy cars they are ruthless in their mission to make sure they pay as little as possible. One way they do this is by ensuring that they don’t have to pay any costs that are involved in the whole process. They will ask customers to hire tow trucks. So that they don’t have to remove cars. Or they will simply pay less for the vehicle to the tune of the cost related to transporting the vehicle back to their salvage yard.

Taha Car Collection are absolutely dedicated to making sure their customers get the most money at the end of the day. We will remove your commercial vehicle from your property, and none of the costs will be put upon you.

Contact Commercial Wreckers in Auckland Today

It is easy to contact us online, and it is also easy to contact us over the phone. Tell us all about your commercial vehicle! We will happily give you a free quote. It will be a great offer and you will be so glad you did it. In no time at all, your commercial vehicle will have been exchanged for a cash deal that you will be over the moon with.

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