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How to Get Top Cash for a Car after an Accident in Auckland?

/ / How to Get Top Cash for a Car after an Accident in Auckland?

(Last Modified on: August 12, 2019)

Being in a car crash will be a traumatic event to go through no matter what the outcome is. Perhaps no-one was hurt, but your car was completely totalled. You will still be left very shook up. And now you also have to contend with the fact that your car is never going to be the same. If your insurance policy is not the correct one for this particular situation, it can be even worse. So it is a good thing that it is so easy to sell accidentally damaged cars online.


An Important Decision to Sell Car after Accident

You will need to decide whether or not to sell your car to a Cash for Car Company, otherwise known as auto wreckers, or have it repaired. This is not a hard decision to make if you simply do the required math. All you need to do is look at two different variables. How much your car was worth before the crash occurred is one consideration. The other is how much money the repairs are going to cost you. If your car was worth less than the amount of money repairs are going to cost you, you can now call your vehicle a scrap automobile.

Repair or Sell Car after Accident?

When you have been in a crash that has resulted in damage that isn’t too extreme, you may decide to get it fixed. If you can do only enough to get it road worthy, this could mean having the suspension worked on, getting the bumper replaced. However, don’t go thinking that these repairs will definitely be cheap. They can still put a good dent in your bank account. Something as simple as headlight repair can set you back a few hundred dollars.

Sure, doing this will mean that you can now continue to drive your car. However, now your car is going to have just undergone a huge dose of depreciation, entirely because of the fact that it now has an accident in its history.

Should I Trade in Car for Cash After An Accident?

You may have developed a close bond with your vehicle. Or maybe you just can’t be without a car for too long for work reasons or family reasons. Getting your car fixed may turn out to be more expensive than the vehicle in question is actually worth. Could it be a better idea to trade it?

This is where you will be wondering who could possibly be interested in buying a totalled scrap car. And you may also think that even if anyone were to be interested. It would take a few weeks or months before one of them ran across an advert online for it.

How much does it cost to repair a car after an accident?

As a ballpark, an average cost of a replacement fender is somewhere around two hundred dollars. That is just the part. The cost of labour that will go into having that part installed can be another two hundred dollars. If the fender in question needed to be painted in order to be the same colour as your automobile, the price goes up yet again.

Let’s look at the cost of a damaged door. It may seem as if this will be a simple task, but this suffers from the same problem as above. The window glass will need to be swapped, electrics will have to be sorted. And there will probably be a painting job required in this case as well. One door can cost you up to one grand to get fixed.

If there is any damage to the frame, add a few hundred to the cost. Is the engine in need of serious repairs? Now we are talking thousands of dollars. If you are not a person of great riches, and your car is a few decades old, the best option will most likely be to sell your car and get a replacement.

First Step to Selling Scrap Cars: Determine the Value

So, we can be fairly sure that your car has been massively downgraded in value as a result of the accident it has been in. We know that if the cost of having it fixed is more than it is worth. It needs to be sold. First, before we sell it, we will need to determine how much it is worth.

This can be done by going online and looking at a car valuation website. Look at how much your car is worth normally. Then you can have it looked at by a professional to get a quote on how much the cost of repair will be. Or, you can get in touch with an auto wrecking company and get a free quote for how much it is worth.

Contacting an Auto Wrecking Company

Car Wreckers in Auckland such as Taha Car Collections are usually very easy to contact & always strive hard to pay top cash for damaged car. Simply call them up or go to their website and locate the quote request form that they are almost certain to have there. When you do contact them, you only need to provide them with what condition your car is in, its make and model, and what year it was manufactured in. They may also need to know the car’s mileage.

When you tell them about the condition your car is in, you will be required to tell them such things as what parts are in need of repair or replacement. Once you have done this you will get a free quote in a very short period of time.

Booking a free car removal service is very easy while dealing with Taha Car Colletion.

Get a Top Cash for Damaged Car in Auckland

If you just choose one of your local auto wreckers at random there is a chance you won’t get the most cash you can get. Shop around. Some of them offer free removal, while others don’t. If you live in Auckland, Taha Car Collection are the company that ticks all the boxes. They will pay up to a maximum of $12’000 for damaged cars, and they provide a free vehicle pick up service. And they are fast!

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