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Car Wreckers Papakura, Cash for Scrap Cars & Free Removals

(Last Modified on: July 27, 2021)

Do you live in Papakura, located on the shores of the Pahurehure Inlet, Auckland and want to hire someone to get rid of an eyesore unwanted vehicle out of your property? It’s never too late to contact Car Wreckers Papakura team @ Taha Car Collection and get the job done today.


Have you got a car on your property that is no longer of any use to anyone? The longer you leave it there, rusting away and gathering cobwebs, the less it is worth. Sell it as soon as you can. And there is a way to sell it as quickly as within the space of one solitary day! Anyone who needs to make quick money, and has a vehicle they don’t need, will be overjoyed.

Cash for Cars Papakura

We are Taha Car Collection. There is no doubt by now that of all the cash for cars companies in Auckland, we are by far the best. Look no further than our maximum payment of $12’000 for cars, or our sheer levels of skills and expertise, as evidence of this fact! Call us up at 0800 114 508 to attain for yourself one of our coveted free quotes. Or fill out the form on our website. 100% instant cash for car service assured.


Scrap Automotive Dismantlers Offer Free Removals

We have risen up as Auckland’s leading auto wrecking outfit for many reasons. One of the biggest is the fact that our customers know that they are getting the best deal possible. If you sell your car to us, every single cent of money that is offered to you will find its way into your wallet, and none of it will be deducted for cost of removal. That is right! We will remove your car free of charge after paying you good cash for it. Cancel your registration before booking the scrap car removal OR we can take care of this part for you.

Scrap Cars Wanted | Dead or Alive | Any Make or Models

Here at Taha Car Collection, it is our honour to buy any car that a customer feels the need to offer to sell us. We don’t stop at buying just cars either. All vehicles are fair game to us. Whether you are offering to sell us an SUV, van, truck, Ute or 4×4 we will jump at the chance to pay top cash for it. Here is a short list of just some of the makes that we buy all the time:

Toyota | Nissan | Mitsubishi | Subaru | Audi | BMW | recedes Benz | Kia | Hyundai | Holden | Ford | Honda | Mazda.

The Whole of Papakura, Auckland can Enjoy Our Exceptional Auto Wrecking Services

Where ever you happen to reside in the city of Auckland, you have access to the superior means for selling vehicles fast. We service:

4wd & Commercial Truck Buyers

We can understand that buying or selling 4x4s and commercial trucks are not as easy as selling a car. Things can go even difficult for broken, scrap or unwanted automobiles. That’s where Taha Car Collection has decided to contribute some help for people to pick up heavy vehicles for free and pay top cash for trucks guaranteed, for any size of vehicles.

Papakura’s Best Place to Sell a Car in Any Condition

We don’t disqualify vehicles from our ability to purchase them just because they are in particularly bad condition. The reason for this is that we pride ourselves in our ability to make use of vehicles that are in the worst possible state of damage and disrepair. Even a vehicle with no re-usable parts can be recycled. And recycling vehicles is what we love to do, regardless of whether they are old, totalled, used or wrecked.

So if you have a vehicle that will never run again due to the severe damage it has taken on, don’t worry. Call our Car Wreckers Papakura team or contact us online and get a free quote today!


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