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(Last Modified on: June 20, 2019)

Being able to sell a vehicle as quickly as within the space of a single day may sound like a pipe dream. But if you live in Manukau, South Auckland and you need to make some fast cash, it is more than that. It is a reality. Whether the vehicle in question happens to be of the truck variety, van variety, belongs to the SUV genre of automobile, or is classified as a 4×4 or Ute, even if it is a van, Car Wreckers Manukau @ Taha Car Collection, will buy it off you. All you need to do in order to sell your car this quickly is calling us up and get a free quote.


Where to Call Car Wreckers Manukau @ Taha Car Collection?

The number to call? It is toll free 0800 114 508. Alternatively, you are welcome to drop by the main page of our website and fill out the instant quote form. We respond fast with offers that no-one can refuse, even though there are no obligations attached to them!


Manukau Scrap Car Removals

One thing we certainly are not going to do is formulate an offer, deduct the cost of removal from it, and then present the offer to you. We are going to offer you the full amount that your car is worth to us, and pay you the full amount. Then we are going to haul your car back to our salvage yard, and take on the costs associated with that task ourselves. Book your free scrap car removal now!

Top Cash for Cars Manukau –  All Brands and Models

Taha Car Collection isn’t in the business of rejecting cars. We don’t specialise our buying habits toward just one or a few vehicle brands. This kind of practice only limits the amount of customers, we can get, which is lose-lose situation for everyone. A much better arrangement is for us to say yes to any car, truck, Utes, SUV or van that is offered up to us.


We buy all Japanese, American, European, Korean, German and Australian car brands and models. If you are unable to recognise your brand or model, our staff members will help you out with that. We will pay you up to $12000 Cash for Cars on the spot regardless of the make or model.

The Whole of Manukau Can Enjoy Our Free Pickup Services

We want to cast our net as wide as possible so that everyone in Auckland can enjoy having the means to sell a junk car for as much money as possible. Here are the areas that we regularly service:

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Japanese European Car Parts on Sale

Has your car, Ute, SUV, truck, 4×4 or van broken down? Perhaps you are looking to buy a replacement part in order to fix it. Well, you are in luck because we sell used parts, and they are incredibly affordable. We make sure that we choose the best quality parts that are in exceptional condition when we salvage them from scrap cars. We recondition and test them as well. Contact us and find the part you need today!

Environment Friendly Vehicle Dismantling & Recycling

Processing of safe auto dismantling, disposal and recycling, is one of the best service @ Taha Car Collection. Yes, we care about the NZ environment and we request all of our customers to support us to make this happen. Sell your unwanted car for cash or parts, we take care of the rest of the job to process it safe and sound.

Selling a Car With No Paperwork Hassles

Sorting out the legal vehicle paperwork is part of all car buying and selling methods. However, things can go even smoother while dealing with Taha Car Collection. If you decide to sell your car to us, we will take care of all the paperwork A to Z.

How Much Can You Get for Scrapping a Car?

Manukau Wreckers @ Taha Car Collection is always here to get you the best price for your vehicle. Feel free to get in touch with us today.


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