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What does it Mean When your Car Engine Rattles?

/ / What does it Mean When your Car Engine Rattles?

(Last Modified on: June 17, 2019)

A couple of weeks ago, we did a post about selling a car with a blown engine, how about if your vehicle’s engine makes a rattle sound, called Engine Rattling?

Engine Rattling

If you ever hear a rattling sound (also called engine knocking) coming from your engine, don’t go thinking that this is a positive thing. Because there is absolutely no chance that it will be in any way good. In fact, the exact opposite is true. What exactly is causing this sound, however, can vary. If the engine is idle and you notice a sound of the rattling variety, the cause will not be the same as it would be if the engine was running. It will always cost you a fair bit for repairs, either way. Let’s find out what the possible causes of engine rattling sounds can be.

Many Possible Sources

So, your car’s engine has started to produce noises that can only be described as a being of the rattling variety. You are right to be concerned. You can also be sure that the source of the sound could be any one of a number of things.

If you don’t get the problem sorted, however, it doesn’t matter what the problem is. It will progress and get worse, ultimately resulting in you needing to spend far more money than you otherwise would have if you had sorted it out sooner. Check out the following rattling engine causes and their solutions.

Causes of Engine Rattling While your Car Accelerates | Solutions | Related Costs of Repairs

Belt Tensioner Problems

If you can hear engine rattling while your vehicle is accelerating, it could be because there is a problem with the timing belt or chain. If the belt or chain isn’t centred properly, it may mean that the tensioning system that keeps it that way needs to be replaced.

Why is this causing a rattling? It is because the tensioner isn’t as strong as it once was. This is a result of regular usage. The belt or chain will therefore move at a higher rate than it otherwise would. The result? A clattering rattling sound whenever the guides are hit by the engine. You will have no trouble hearing this sound. It will be very loud.

When you hear this sound, don’t procrastinate. Make an appointment as soon as you can to have it diagnosed and repaired. If you don’t, you could go from paying a mere $500 to $1500, to paying much more for an engine replacement because the timing belt or chain has broken.

A Cracked Flex plate or Flywheel

There is a part in your car’s engine that is hard to locate. It is the flywheel. Why is it so difficult to find? Because it is nestled in between the transmission and the engine. If there is an issue with engine rattling, one may not even think to consider the inconspicuous flex plate or flywheel to be the culprit.

But how does this component cause a rattling? When you start driving your car, the transmission engages the crankshaft, which has the flywheel attached to it very tightly. The torque that results from acceleration will cause the flywheel to bend subtly if there is a crack in it. That small bend will mean that the flywheel is no longer lined up, so when you step on the gas in any serious way, you will hear a rattling.

The repair of this problem requires a replacement flywheel, and to do this the removal of the whole transmission will need to take place. The replacement flywheel will cost you as well as the amount of time spent doing the job, which will not be a quick task by any stretch of the imagination. The cost of this repair will cost you in between $1200 and $2000.

Causes of Rattling While your Car Idles, their Solutions and Related Costs

Issues with the Catalytic Converter

Here is the cause of a rattling sound that seems to emanate from your engine that happens to be the most common. And the surprising thing is that it won’t even be actually coming from the engine. The rattling in this case will be of a metallic clattering variety. And it will be occurring while you are idling. It all has to do with what the catalytic converter is.

It is a part that is installed into the exhaust system. What it does is make your car’s emissions cleaner by removing certain gasses from it. It does this via a convoluted system of honeycomb structures and chemicals known as catalysts. The main point is that the core of your average catalytic converter will eventually start to break down. The pieces of that core will then rattle around. You will be able to hear it in its full glory when your car is at idle.

Spark Plug Problem

There is an issue that is called spark knock. It is the source of any pinging sound in your engine. This is the result of the spark plug firing after the fuel ignites. And what causes that to happen? Too much heat and issues with the delivery of the fuel. There are also other various reasons. If you don’t get this sorted out, your engine will eventually fail completely. The fact that there are so many possible reasons for why spark plug knock is occurring means that the cost of repairing it will vary according to what that cause is.

The Lifters Have Collapsed

There are hydraulic components within the engine that are small in size called engine lifters. They work by opening and closing the engine valves. In order to successfully do this, they require engine oil. If the lifters collapse, which is more likely to happen in vehicles that are older, oil won’t be able to pump them up any more. This can cost a lot too, with a dent in the bank account of up to $2100 or at the least $450.

Selling a Car with Engine Engine Rattling Issues?

There are other problems with engines that can be costly as well, however, the main ones have been discussed. If your car’s engine is blown because you didn’t get it fixed soon enough, sell it to your local auto wrecking company like Taha Car Collection. Contact Taha Car Collection today and get the most cash for your broke car now.

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