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How to Cancel your Vehicle Registration in New Zealand

/ / How to Cancel your Vehicle Registration in New Zealand

(Last Modified on: March 5, 2019)

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When one’s car is written off or totalled in an accident, or permanently broken down somehow, they are usually certain of one thing. The need to have the registration cancelled before selling wrecked car to junkyard for recycling. If you have been saddled with this responsibility, don’t have any fear. It is actually not hard to do at all.

There is one important thing to remember. When a car has had its registration cancelled it is now illegal to drive it on any roads. You can drive it up and down your driveway, as long as you don’t leave the driveway and enter the road. Who cancels the registration? The New Zealand Transport Authority, that’s who!

When you can’t De-Register a Vehicle

  • If your automobile was stolen and it hasn’t been recovered, de-registering it will not be an option
  • You were the one who stole the vehicle
  • If the registrant isn’t you, this also disqualifies you from being able to de-register the automobile
  • Have you lost the number plate? Or has it been stolen? Add that to the list of reasons for why you can’t de-register that car.

Tasks to Complete in Order to De-Register your Car

The first step involves gathering some things together. This includes the VIN number, registration card and the licence plate to a VTNZ or AA office in your area or any area for that matter. They will give you an MR15 form to fill out. You also need to have your driver’s licence on you, as they will want to see it.

There is a fee to be paid of $9.10, subject to change in the future, which goes toward handling. If you have registration remaining, it will be reimbursed.

Tasks to Complete in Order to Scrap a Car

Contact a few different cash for cars companies in your area for free quotes. When you have accumulated a handful of them, choose which one has offered you the most money. Then you can arrange with them for a specific time of the day for them to come over. They will want to look at your automobile in person.

You will need to take the car’s registration off its place on the windshield. Remove the licence plate as well. The last part of the process is the one where you get paid and the company takes the vehicle back to their salvage yard for wrecking.

Don’t Procrastinate

If your scrap car that needs de-registering is just sitting on your lawn, it may be leaking fluids. These fluids could be engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, or all of the above. They are not good for the local wildlife. Along with this is the fact that the car itself will be depreciating. The paint job will be getting duller in the sun and the amount of rust on the car will be increasing.

All of this means that the car will be depreciating in value even though it is a scrap vehicle. Get in touch with an auto wrecking company straight away and get top cash for it!

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