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6 Second Hand Parts that Will Save you Money

/ / 6 Second Hand Parts that Will Save you Money

(Last Modified on: November 11, 2019)

Second Hand Parts

Besides being excellent at transport, what else is the automobile good at doing? Gobbling up money at a constant rate. You aren’t just paying for fuel all the time. You have insurance to fork regular payments for. There is the maintenance that needs to be performed at least once every couple of years. And there are the replacement parts that you need to buy every so often. The following are the parts that will save you money if you can replace them as soon as they need doing so.

Power Lock Parts

This is a vehicle component that is very susceptible to wear and tear. This is due to the fact that it is being used so many times every single day. When it comes time to get any parts replaced, don’t opt for brand new parts. Get them second hand and save!

Spare Tyre

If you are out on a road trip and a tyre blows, you are going to be lost without a spare. And you will be kicking yourself for not having a spare packed away for when this occurs. If you have been driving about without a spare tyre, thank your lucky stars that this hasn’t happened yet. Then you need to get out there and buy yourself a spare tyre, because your luck probably isn’t going to last forever.


The transmission is a part that can be the difference between a car being junk or not. This is because they are so incredibly complex that repairing it will take a lot of man-hours, resulting in a higher cost. Cars that have aged a significant amount are often considered junk when the transmission needs replacing.

If your transmission needs replacing, your best bet is to buy it second hand. This can effectively save you money in the thousands.


This is yet another part that costs a lot of money, albeit not as much as the transmission. The alternator plays a major part in your car’s functionality, so it is important that you have one that isn’t going to break down any time soon. It basically keeps your battery charged. It also keeps power running into the parts of your car’s engine that are of the more electrical variety.

Side Mirrors

Yet another part that need to be replaced as soon as they are broken. However, in this case, if you don’t replace them you putting yourself at risk. Get them replaced second hand and save big.

Electric Windows

Have your electric windows started to malfunction at all? This is a job for your mechanic to go about fixing them. However, when they buy parts, ensure that they buy the parts second hand. If you are doing the job yourself, buy the required parts used and not brand new. This will allow you to save some serious dollars.

Buy Used Parts From Your Local Wreckers

You will be able to find an auto wrecking company in your town who sell used parts. Sell a car for parts to your local auto wreckers.

Posted By: Glen Hunter | Posted On: November 11, 2019 | Category: Auto Spares
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