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5 Stages Involved in Selling a Vehicle

/ / 5 Stages Involved in Selling a Vehicle

(Last Modified on: September 13, 2019)

5 Stages Involved in Selling a Car Fast

If you look at the average age of all the cars on our roads, you will find that the number sits at around 10 years. This suggests that folk prefer to own their vehicle’s for a longer amount of time than one would expect. Another fact that we can assume, based on these observations, is that people don’t sell automobiles all that often. Perhaps you experience the stages listed in this blog post. You may want to drop your local Auckland’s Auto Wreckers a line if this is the case!

The First Stage is Denial

When one goes about the car selling process, they need to sort out a price to put on their vehicles as the first task. This is where denial rears its ugly head. Because most people over-estimate how much their vehicle is worth. It can be difficult to accept that your vehicle has depreciated far more than you thought it had, which leads to the denial of the truth.

The Second Stage is Anger

You will get a lot of offers for your vehicle that are in the “low-ball” category. Just because this is normal doesn’t make it any more annoying. If you have already over-priced your car, you will get nothing but offers that make you mad. If you have priced your car correctly, you will still get trawlers who offer large amounts of people ridiculously low amounts. They are infuriating.

The Third Stage is Bargaining

This is the stage where you realise that the price you placed on your car may just have been a little too much. But you are only prepared to drop it by a few hundred. Maybe then someone will offer you a better number of dollars for your vehicle. You are bargaining with yourself. People may notice that you have lowered your vehicle’s price, but they will just lower their own offers.

The Fourth Stage is Sadness

The car has been on the market for a while, but the amount of offers you are getting have dropped down to almost nothing. Now you have massive amounts of regret related to how you didn’t jump at the first offers you got, which were the best. This is the sadness stage. To compound the problem, your listing will have gotten old. People who see how old the listing is with it will think that your car has issues. Mostly because it hasn’t been sold, so it must have problems!

The Fifth Stage is Acceptance

This is where you finally come to terms with your situation. All the best offers are in the past, and now you will have to accept anything. You will probably end up selling the car for far less than the worst offer you got in the first few weeks of advertising.

Is this is what you have experienced in the past, you may want a better solution. Why not contact Taha Car Collection an auto wrecking company in Auckland? It will take one day to sell your car for a fair and generous amount of cash!

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