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4 steps to limit risk when selling your car

/ / 4 steps to limit risk when selling your car

(Last Modified on: May 9, 2020)

When planning to sell your pre-owned car you will make sure to get the best price for it. But your most important concern will be not to get ripped off by dishonest buyers or dealers. Every year, thousands of people sell their vehicles through private sale and only a few of them face problems during the process. But this doesn’t mean that selling your used car personally is a simple and smooth process. So, you won’t really want to be included among those miserable people who have been scammed.

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Below we are going to discuss some hints for selling your car cautiously. It will save you from getting scammed and completing the transaction process safely.

Arrange viewings in public place

It is wise to choose public places to organise meetings with the potential buyers. After all, you will not want to share a personal address with them. It is wise to choose a location where you can conveniently negotiate the deal with interested buyers. Even if you are considering to sell your car, it is important to meet the person in person. You can stay safe by choosing a meeting at a food court in shopping mall, parking area, etc.

If you decide to meet at your home address, make sure to inform the third party. Remember to give them all the details regarding the date and time of meeting. You can also request a friend or family member to accompany you for meeting the buyers.

Get all the repairs done beforehand

Before you start advertising your vehicle for sale, make sure to inspect its condition. It must be well maintained and repaired. Buyers are never interested to purchase a vehicle that is worn-out or damaged. Make sure to change the oil, windscreen wipers and filters on regular basis. If you are selling it through a private party, make sure to check their details.

Test drive with the buyer

It is advisable to always accompany the buyer while they take your vehicle for the test drive. If not then, this way you will be putting your trust in the buyer. So, make sure to verify if they are skilled enough to drive a car. You should take a look at their driver’s license. If you accompany buyer then always remember to take your mobile phone. It can be helpful, if things go wrong with the prospective buyer while test-driving.

Choose quick payment method to complete the transaction

It is extremely important to keep your transaction process really simple and quick. You must be ready to accept the type of engine based on its price. Once you clear the transaction process make sure to check the cost involved. It must be not too high nor too low. After clearing the cheque you can successfully finish the task. Remember the best way to receive payments is through cashier’s cheque.

If you follow the above listed tips you can easily sell your used car without losing your precious time and money. On the other hand, if you don’t have time to go through all this, contact Taha Car Collection and get the top cash for your car today.

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