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10 Reasons Why Recycling is the Best Solution for your Junk Car

/ / 10 Reasons Why Recycling is the Best Solution for your Junk Car

(Last Modified on: April 16, 2020)

Cars are being made and bought in the millions as each year comes and goes. Like all things, these automobiles have a finite lifespan. At some point, all the cars, trucks, Utes, and SUV’s, will one day die. What better reason could there be for the importance of the auto recycling industry? For one, it means that people all over the world have a great way to get their hands-on car parts of the used variety. We really need scrap car dealers out there disposing of old cars properly because scrap metal dealers target abandoned cars.


When your car has the misfortune of having a serious mechanical problem, it most likely needs a replacement component. If that part is brand new, it is going to cost the buyer a great deal more than if it belongs to the second hand category. Where will that used part come from? It will be removed from a scrap car during the junk car recycling process. If you have a scrap car yourself, it is very important that you have it disposed of. Here are some of the awesome benefits of doing so:

  1. The Auto Spare Parts can be Re-used

As has already been mentioned, this is one of the big reasons why the recycling of old vehicles is so incredibly important. It allows for people to have the means to be able to buy replacement components for their vehicles that won’t break their band accounts. Most people aren’t rich, and it is very handy to be able to buy things at affordable prices like this.

  1. People can Sell Their Scrap Vehicles

If there were no auto wrecking companies, there would be no-one to buy scrap cars easily. One would have to put their clunker on sale privately, advertising online and in newspapers. It would take an incredibly long time for someone who buys scrap cars to take notice. They aren’t always buying cars like a company is, and they aren’t as numerous. They also tend to not pay as much money either.

  1. Recycling is Better than Mining

The first place that we get steel from is from the ground, in the form of virgin ores. Mining is important, but it is also very environmentally harmful. The less we have to rely on it, the better. Recycling steel reduces our reliance on mining.

  1. Greenhouse Gasses Are Reduced

When the mining process takes place, we all know that it creates plenty of pollution to go around. But not many people know that it produces loads of carbon dioxide, as it used up a hefty amount of energy resources. Carbon dioxide may be very useful for plants as part of the photosynthesis process. But there is only supposed to be a certain amount of it in our atmosphere, as it acts as a greenhouse gas. We are pumping millions of tonnes of it into the air, and it is trapping heat in, warming our planet. Recycling uses far less energy resources every year.

  1. Landfills Are Not Added to

The last thing we need is for any landfills out there to get any larger. Or for there to be more of them. Recycling vehicles makes sure that this never happens. It does this by recycling the vehicle instead of simply dumping it. And as we all know, landfills are bad for many reasons. They are sources of pollution, with all the fluids leaking and harming the local wildlife. This is where the home of end of life vehicles also known as salvage yards introduced.

  1. You Can Sell Your Car at Record Speed

You don’t have to be selling a scrap car in order to sell to an auto wrecking company. They buy vehicles no matter what condition they are in. Your car could be used, but in good condition. And you may be wanting to sell it purely because you need the money in one days’ time. Selling it any other method won’t get you the money fast enough. Selling to the auto wreckers will.

  1. Free up Space and Tidy your Property

There are many problems to be had from keeping a clunker on your property. It matters not whether it is the lawn, driveway or garage where you have given it a place to sit uselessly. If it is outside, it will be providing the added disadvantage of being an ugly eyesore. In the garage, it will be merely taking up important space. Tidy your place and get that space back by having your car recycled. You will be glad that you did, and the property value may even increase as a result.

  1. There is a Cash Incentive

It is worth noting that having your car recycled at the auto dismantlers involves selling it. This serves as yet another major benefit to disposing of your vehicle via the recycling process. Most of the time, throwing away junk is either free, or if taking rubbish to the rubbish dump, it costs you money if there is enough of it in your trailer. But when throwing a car away, do it properly and you get paid cash yourself!

  1. Local Economic Benefits

There are plenty of cash for car buyers out there. When you sell your unwanted vehicle, you will have the option of choosing from a few different local ones. And by selling your car to them, you are contributing to your community’s economy. They get to take the parts from it and sell them, thus making a living. This is all part of the auto wrecking and recycling narrative that people forget about all too often. Which is why it is good to keep it in mind.

  1. Normal Folk who Need Affordable Used Parts Benefit too

Without the recycling of clunkers, we would all be forced to buy our used parts brand new. This would mean that we would be spending much more money than we would need to. It is not fair to have to spend so much money on parts that we have to not eat for a week.

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